Modded Old Lumens Nitecore ea4 for sale $55 usa/$70 international price drop SOLD


Hi guys - this is a catch and release for me. I am selling a modified old lumens nitecore ea4. It has a 4 amp dr jones driver (ramping) and runs on 4 aa nimh (eneloops). Bought a few weeks ago from the master old lumens here.

Details of this build can be found here.

Asking what I paid $60 shipped con usa with tracking or $75 international. NOW 55 usa or 70 international

First one to post here that they will take it followed by a paypal payment to gets it.

Any questions just ask :slight_smile:

even if you sell a light, the lights you bought this month still goes against your "no lights july" quest

good luck on the sale!

shhh! lol.



small price drop

bump - will consider trades

Hello jmpaul320 - If still available, I will take it ($55). Let me know by posting here and I will PayPal you the money. Thanks, Sean.

yes it is still available pm sent

Received light - all is great!

Thank you jmpaul320