Modders: I'm Looking for a good 4.0A driver...Can you point me to a good one?

I like the one in this thread: from intl-outdoors, but they are out of stock…

Looking for it to be 2.5V’ish-4.5V, 17mm
up to 4A

thanks in advance everyone, I cannot find a driver to meet these specification at this time. Any help would be much appreciated! :bigsmile:

Something that doesn’t require me to modify. Ie: add 7135 to nanjg, I cannot solder something that intriquent.

You could add a couple of 7135 chips to a kd 3a nanjg driver?

Unfortunately I don’t have the skill to solder 7135s to a nanjg, can barely solder cables to the driver.

Fair enough, those drivers are supposed to soon be back in stock, they are tall though, 10.9mm if memory serves, I have three of them waiting to go into some lights, we shall see….

Just ask someone to add the 7135’s for you for a small fee.