Modding a XinTD C8 V3...some questions

Hey guys,

I’ve decided my first foray into modding is going to be with my XinTD C8 V3 XM-L U3. My goal is to swap in an XP-G2 on copper, possibly drive it a little harder, and swap out the switch for a forward clicky.

I purchased a Noctigon XP20 20mm copper MCPCB with an XP-G2 R5 3C already mounted to swap into my V3 as well as some 350mA 7135’s to upgrade the driver. I am probably going to start out with the stock driver and then stack 1 or 2 of the 7135’s to do 3.15A or 3.5A. While this will be my first attempt at swapping out an LED, I am fairly comfortable with this portion of the mod.

While griping in another thread about how my only complaint with the XinTD is the reverse clicky tail switch, somebody mentioned that I could swap it out for a forward clicky. This has intrigued me and I think it would be a cool mod. The problem is, I don’t even know where to begin with something like this. Has anybody else here swapped out the tail switch on this light or a similar one? Could somebody point me in the right direction for the parts I would need and how to remove the tail switch?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You could simply unscrew the thick retaining aluminum piece in the tailcap and replace what's inside with this one

I think that is what the person meant by simple, however I do not know if it fits, and you maybe have to shave that inner button of the green rubber boot.

Thanks for the reply. When you say shave the button from the rubber boot, do you mean that there is a protrusion coming out of the middle of the boot and the actual switch sits lower in the tail cap?

Also, do you think the stock wires coming off the driver to the mcpcb and handle 3.5A or do you think I will need to upgrade those as well?

You're welcome. I am not sure if you need to shave that protrusion or not, or how well that switch fits. I presume they can handle 3.5A since I also used those and got 3.5A when added more chips.

Thank you. I shall post my results.