Modding dive light question

That whole goggle-drive thing. Tried rightclicking on the image to view directly, nope, won’t let me.

Imgur is worse, and sucks bigtime. Half the time I don’t even see embedded imgur pix, and clicking on them and going on the actual imgur page just nets me a blank dark-gray page with header, but no pic. And that’s on my ancient laptop here and the way more modern one at work.

If you wanna display a pic, like this

You’d either use the bang notation


or actual tagging

<img src="">

Where to get the url of the pic? Well, that’s something else…

Usually rightclicking on the image can get it, select [view image] then grab the url, but some asshat sites disable that nicety.

Should be easier.
Other forums I am on it’s real easy

It is just as easy here… I just click the image button and enter the URL.

Yep or just paste the image URL link address and add an exclamation point immediately in front and behind.

Yeh, that’s bang notation, but if there’s anything immediately after (eg, the close-quote tag), then the quote will display with the url and not the pix, so I go through the extra “trouble” to put the actual image-tag.

RC has a thread about how to post pictures

I tried that 2 x no luck , URL from google drive


I give!


A display page is not an image.

Well, you got the pics, not in the format I would like to see, so lets address the original question.

Lets forget my image issue.
From what you guys know and have seen can I use a brighter LED with 1x26650 with the existing light, driver and switch and about how much brighter will it be if I do this?

In this case, the stock driver with those resistors is throttling back current sufficiently for ~800 Lumens from a single die LED. It’s reasonable to assume it would limit current just the same to a 50.2 quad-die. So all you gain here is the added lumens per watt (efficiency) of a modern 50.2, over the old LED. Just like Matt Smiths vid I linked earlier.

The larger 50.2 die surface will result in a less concentrated hot spot. So depending on how you perceive things it may appear like less light being emitted. To my eyes this would be the more significant difference. A ~15% Lumen gain would hardly be notice-able to my eyes in the field.

I doubt you’ll cook or over-drive the 50.2 though…. IMHO

Can you spec out the LED required and where I can purchase this.
I am a newbe.

I always get my stuff mountain electronics or adventure sport. I try to support both equally. Both are relatively local to me so I dont have to mess with customs. They may not always have the brightest flux BINs or the exact tint I want. But thats fine since I am not color sensitive and I’m not whittling hairs trying to eek out every last lumen from my lights.

You need to figure out what size MCPCB to use though, that will depend on the host. Generally the bigger the better, so long as it doesn’t obstruct something mechanically.

You seem set on the 1x26650 + spacer route. Have you also considered 3xC NiMh with good low self discharge C cells? It’s worth considering, IMHO.

What's your goal with light in the end? More Lumens? More distance and visibility under water? Different light color/temp? I'm a novice diver (25 or so dives) and novice modder (lots of flashlights destroyed and some successes).

I can tell you that clientequator gave you really good advice IMO.

Just buy a sofirn SD05. It's an incredible value with great reviews from real divers. I own the XHP50.2 (3v) version and its's a fantastic light, even if you're not a diver. I'm about the order the SST-70 version even though I have no experience with that LED. Sofirn shipping takes about two weeks to get to the southeastern US. If you're dying to have 2x26650, check this out:

Buy the SD05 with the Sofirn battery included, or use 18650's you already have, but get a decent charger from reviews on this forum, and you'll be pretty happy I'd guess. In terms of the mod though, stating what your end goal is and what you're trying to improve would help. I've always wanted to mod a dive light, but not sure if taking the head apart would mess with the waterproofing down at 90ft. I really want to slice the dome off my XHP50.2, but not sure if disassembly of the SD05 would screw it up and let in water once I get it back together. Good luck with project, and consider the SD05 if it doesn't work out, as a diver you know those prices can't be beat for most dive lights.