[Modding] Haikelite MT07S --> NarsilM


I like the form factor of the MT07S and i would like to boost the current and upgrade the UI for a ramping function.
So i decided to get another driver from Lexel and put a FET driver with NarsilM inside.

I started to unmount the driver :

i’m waiting the driver. I’ll take pictures and beamshots

i can bypass the resistor like for L6 on this driver ? i wanted to test because i was waiting the new driver.
Do you think that’s the R082 or R056 resistors in left down corner ?

before modding tests

some beamshots tonight

MT07S turbo:

L6 modded 70.2 P2 BIN + SMO + MTN FET driver

L6 modded 70.2 P2 BIN + SMO + TA FET driver NarsilM UI

I’m looking forward to seeing your mod finished mizou51. Good luck with it not that you will need it. :slight_smile:

Did the spring bypass gain any current and if it did by how much please?

I got guys that read my review of the MT07S that are going nuts to know if that little dimple under the board is present on this model.

I did not do a complete breakdown as I have plans to try and increase current a bit as well...

It arrived with the emitter centered perfectly so until I am ready to actually tear it down to make any changes I would not open the pill.

I did some thermal image testing on the stock light and that dimple made no difference as far as too much heat under the emitter. I can not find that it makes any difference of any kind on this light.

Looking forward to the after beam shots...

No increase output with bypass springs.
Dont do it

Thanks very much for letting me know... I had a feeling it may not because of how the power set up is.

I am very pleased with the output of the sample I got.

I will keep following... Thank again.


This should be a simple mod if the cells are 2S2P. I've put in NarsilM on a OSHPark driver in both the MT07 and MT03 with XHP70.2's - both got great results.


Bad news is that MT07S is 4S setup ! to drive led at 6V…strange no?
Well the bad news is that i got a TA driver with NarsilM from LEXEL and i ordered it in 2S. So i decided to to mod also the PCB battery to run in 2S2P and not in 4S1P.

It now run the XHP70 with 1.5mm² wires, all springs bypassed and the new driver.
I love the ramping feature! and output has increased from 205 lux in my ceiling bounce test (5000lm claimed from Haikelite) to now 440 lux. I have double output now.

Output is the same as my L6 modded with TA driver 30mm narsilM and XHP70.2 P2 Bin
I’ll do a test tonigh but seems promising :wink:

I do like Haikelite product because they are very well machined and reflector quality is very GOOD !!!
The only lack is the ramping function in their drivers.

I also checked the MCPCB and no solder or other dust on the backside:

Test of the ramping function :

Comparaison with MT07S / MF01 / L6

stock MT07S on turbo :

Video coming (uploading…)

That is a ton brighter...

Good to see it doesn’t have the indentation behind the MCPCB like the MT02 had.

Is that MT01 Nichia or XP-G3? I know it’s modded, but that is BRIGHT!!!

Scroll above that... I want to meet the machinist that can make that head from a single piece of stock including the shelf and not have that mark.

I'm no machinist by far but, all that I asked said the same thing. The shelf would need to be added separately after making the head if you didn't want to see that... Or fill it...

Even if you needed such a centering mark in the lathe its easy to add one machining step to plane the shelf

It is right that mcpcb seat is not very well surfaced but overall quality is good. Machining such a part cost €€€€ here in Europe.

But your remark is good and I can let Haikelite about this improvement.

I thought so too but everyone I asked seemed to view it as a waste of time. Said it is easier to just fill it.

Machining is something I want to learn even at my age. I just do not have the time needed to even begin.

It does not seem to hurt anything in a stock MT07S but at these heat levels I would definitely fill It...

This could be fine finished for better heat transfert: