Modding Mag 3D Tailcap with the Lathe

Hey all. I'm modding a 3d Mag and will be using 3 26650 batteries in it for now because that's what I have. The batteries are too long, so a tail cap mod needed to be done. I ended up not cutting the spring at all. I just had to open the diameter up and make the hole a little deeper.

Here's a short video of the lathe (My wife calls her Carol) in action.

Some pics...

I must say, your video editing is as impressive as your machine work.

Thanks for the compliment. I still have a lot to learn (for both). In fact, the more I learn about machining, the more humble I become. Professional machinists are really amazing.

what lathe is that ? looks like a precision Mathews ?

Yes it is. It's a PM1127VF-LB to be exact. I am very pleased with the lathe. So so on the customer service though.

Nice job and nice lathe. That’s exactly the same way I do a 2D Maglite using 32650’s. I have also cut a 3D mag down to size to fit 2 32650’s with out any spring mods. I like the looks of the 3D better, you end up with a lot more knurling on the tube but takes a lot longer to cut and re-thread.

Thanks. Where do you buy your 32650's? I've hem haw'd around having read good and bad about them. Are you happy with the ones you have?

Thanks for the video. Love the mod.