Modding section

I'd really like to see a dedicated modding subforum in here. Anyone else?

For me, modding is an important part of this hobby and I've got quite some questions or info on my soul I'd like to share.

Hey there Phlowcus, thanks for the suggestion. Of course you are all welcome to discuss modding here. What do you think about this already existing forum:

Or would you prefer a more specific topic?

Thanks for asking, let me know!

Hm, that sub-forum is all about... parts. :) Which is a good thing, but I think a dedicated modding section where people could present their mods and howtos and ask questions would make it round.

But after this overwhelming support of my notion from other members I don't know if it would make any sense.

Maybe the admin can change that forum name to be more inclusive. There are already a couple thread there about some modifications.

In general I actually think there should be a few less forums so there's more activity in each. For example there are two sections for batteries, but I don't think it would be more confusing to navigate with only one. Or aggregate the flashlight forums between Large and Small flashlights. It's best to have regular churn on the first page of every forum so it appears lively.

Good idea agenthex. I changed the description to:

Flashlight Modding and DIY Parts

Discuss anything about flashlight modding and designing here, including all types of parts and equipment, such as LED drop-ins, drivers, single LEDs, reflectors, switches, etc.

As for the other forums, you might be right. But I personally found it irritating at CPF to be forced to dig through long lists of threads about 18650 and CR123 flashlights when I don't even own those battery types and mainly just wanted to read about $2 knockoff AA models.

Looks inviting, now I have to figure out a new mod to do and post about : )

I could take pics and write something about the overpressure vent mods I've done if anyone is interested.

Anyway, thank you admin!

Thank you Spambot, sounds like you have some really interesting projects up your sleeve. We’d love to hear about them.

I would love to see step by step pictures (or even a video) on how you replace or mod drivers and pills.

It's something I would love to learn and do someday. Smile