Modding the Wuben TO10R from 16340 to 18350 Video.

I wanted to get a 18350 cell into the Wuben TO10R flashlight since it looked to me as if it could be achieved after a few measurements.
Here’s the video rundown. I’ll follow up when I can with written and photos soon.

Awesome job. I have really got into lights that can use the aspire 18350 cell. Way better run time than a 16340 and not much bigger at all. In this case its exactly the same size. I wish more lights would use the 18350 cell. I have a few 18350 lights already and I may just add this one to my collection. How do you like the UI of the Wuben.


I like the UI on the Wuben, it’s intuitive and a snap to learn.The mode spacing is decent. The lowest setting could be a bit lower but that’s mostly an opinion thing and it is quite usable. The light itself screams “quality” when you hold it. You can’t please everyone though. I really liked the light the way it was, but thought I could make myself like it even more after a couple measurements…. :smiley:

It was commented on before in my review and others on wondering why didn’t they make it accept the larger cell since it looked like the mass was there. I still have to do the run time run down and graphing, but in theory it has to greatly improve the run time. I have a few 18350 lights and a few I think I can pull a mod off on. I like the size. I like the cells that are now available (wasn’t always that way)
Still keeps it small but not too small.

Glad you liked the mod!

Thank you for making this awesome video!

Since they’re typically made for wood, I had been wondering if a Forstner bit would work in an aluminum flashlight tube.
No lathe here but I have a 16 speed floor press with vise. Even if I had to start off with a standard type bit and finish with the Forstner to mill down the bottom surface.

I was also thinking if I just drilled completely through the bottom, then grind off the anodizing inside the cap and from the bottom end of the tube, then just seat the spring into the cap itself.

Nice Pierre. Can wait to get one. It will be heading straight to a machinist to get milled. Don’t know why Wuben didn’t do this in the first place. Would be nice if they would mill these out for us.

I was really shocked how well the forstner bit cut, and it was smoother than I expected too.
I do have some other bits at my disposal including some milling, and end mills and other stuff that I know will cut the aluminum but thought “what the heck” and am glad I did try a forstner.
I had the rpm’s on the lathe down around just over 400rpm and I imagine in a drill press it would cut similar if you can get the tube chocked up nice where it wont spin or move on you.
As far as removing the cap and going out the bottom, if you don’t hit the threading I bet it would work too.
I got 3 or 4 of those Aspire cells not too long ago before they disappeared and was itching to try it….latest victim being a little foursevens turbo, but the tube is just too thin, and a hair too short…
The Aspire 18350 cell is available now as something else too here stateside, but it escapes me at the moment.

The cell was so close to fitting I had to give it a shot, the larger cell just made more sense to me. It even goes in part way without boring it or milling it out. I’m still wondering what the logic was behind not making it large enough to begin with was too. Cell availability maybe? Who knows. Kind of reminds me of some of Streamlights older offerings too, the metals there it, just needs to be not there a little bit to make more cells work……
I think you can find the TO10R from some of the usual suspects on a pretty good deal right now if you look around.
Thanks for watching and glad you liked the video.
Good luck with yours when you get one.

Vapcell at liionwholesale

Both the Aspire and Vapcell are made by Yondelli New Energy in China. Tony (owner of Aspire e-cig) is apparently part owner of the battery plant.

Nice work DP. :beer:

That’s great! I’ve cut aluminum with woodworking tools in the past but my lathe is still new and I didn’t imagine that this could be done so easily! Very cool!

Did you have any difficulty getting the tube to line up perfectly? I’ve got Nova chuck with a variety of jaws and wondered if it worked easily with the protective tape.

If the 18650 fits even part way, I may just put a drum sander on the drill press and do it that way. Sounds like it won’t take much.

No problems getting it to line up, I just made sure to keep the black tape mostly even when I wrapped it, without any huge lumps, before I tightened the chuck. I had it in and out of the jaws several times and had no issue keeping it straight each time.

I think you meant 18350, don’t think it’s quite long enough for 18650
It fit in the very beginning of the tube about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch, but quickly doesn’t fit. The battery tube aluminum definitely has a taper to it getting tighter as you go towards the tail cap end.
I did take a dremel with sanding drum to it at first just to see if that would work and quickly gave up that idea as it became scorching hot for some reason…. :stuck_out_tongue: and it wasn’t removing very much material for my patience level.
I have milled, drilled, fooled and tooled with some aluminum before and if I had to guess what sort this was I would guess 6061. It definitely seemed to cut easier than 7075……
A sanding drum might do it, but there’s quite a bit of metal to remove the deeper you go towards the tail cap end. If you’ve got a machinist hook up or a drill press with a good solid way of holding the work piece, a drill bit, milling bit, or reamer would probably work easier.
Thanks for the battery info, I remember reading it on here someplace and elsewhere, just couldn’t recall…
Good luck!