Mode lock time help (Dual PWM FET + 1 7135)

Got it, thanks.

Driver Gurus,

I've been messing with Wight's single sided Fet + 1 7135 driver lately and all is functioning as planned except the mode lock time is right around four seconds. I thought it was a OTC issue at first but all three of these I've built are locking at four seconds. I'm using off time star firmware with dual pwm enabled. Also using 19.1k at R1, 4.7 k at R2, 10uf cap at C1, and 1uf cap at OTC. All components are from RMM or digikey. Does the hive have any advice to get the lock time to a respectable 1 second or so?



Edited to add that mode lock time appears to be driver temperature dependent. After building the light and doing some testing the light was warmish and lock time was four seconds. When the light is cold from sitting near a window all day (maybe 65 degrees) the lock time is around 7 seconds. After a 60 second run on turbo (~7 amps to a triple nichia micromag) the mode lock time is a perfect one second. Anybody got an idea what might be going on?