Mode Memory Not Working

I recently purchased a Ultrafire c8 from Amazon and the mode memory isn’t working. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there is a way to pull out the driver and fix this?

So you would recommend pulling apart the pill and swapping drivers?

That would be best solution, you would gain on output, cell protection, reverse-polarity protection and working mode memory :wink:

What driver would you guys recommend that will have the same output, 3-5 modes, with memory. Also how hard is the brass ring on the pill to remove?

Determining required mA for a driver?

what led is inside the C8 you have?


then search forum for Qlite, maokuer also has similar driver in his store if you need 5 pcs.

Is this q lite going to be of comparable output?

comparable with what?

Kind of hard to answer, as no one yet knows exactly what driver you have now.

I apologize the confusion, wish I knew what was in it. I was referring to comparable output to what is in it.

How much you paid for it? There are C8 with good driver (8x7135) but they are more than 25$ so if you paid less than that qlite will most likely outperform old driver.
Take a photo of the driver you have and attach it here!

I actually haven’t been able to get the brass ring out of the pill, I’m a noob. It appears to be a press fit but I can’t get it out prying the sides with fine tip tweezers. It’s a cheap light.

Got it, I’ve seen this driver on another post about c8 modding. I’ll find the link later.

The driver in this post.

This one?

that is a garbage driver, replace it with Nanjg105C and you will be more than happy :slight_smile:

Yes that one.Better than the qlite?

The Qlite is a Nanjg 105C-based driver, just with slightly different firmware. It has moonlight mode which the standard Nanjg doesn't.

Compare specs here:


Regular Nanjg:

Seems nearly identical. I like the nanjg modes more though. I appreciate all the help any idea who has the fastest shipping in the USA for these drivers?