Modifying headband of old headlamp

Hi all,

this review is dedicated to Don and DrJones who were helping me with their experiences and someway inspired me to modify my old stuff :)

below one is my old and cheap headlamp

first seperate lamp and headband by an utility knife

then find an elastik band from a haberdashery shop. Its better to find one with same width with the headband. In my case both 25 mm.

i cut black band 75 mm. long and sew it to obtain a ring...

there is another point i have to mention.. now we are using the old back side as front... so, automatically we have a new attachment place for headlambs like ultrafire H1,H2, H3 and trustfire Z1

If you look carefully, u can see cigarette lighter at the middle of headband.. Unfortunately i dont have trustfire Z1 yet. But the lighter is similar to it as size (6,5 cm long and 1.5 cm diameter) As trustfire have 20 mm diameter, i thing it fits here better...

Actually this headband became almost same as nitecore HB02

its cheap but i couldn't find any website having free delivery to my Country... Anyway, i have one now :)

as i said old frontside became backside... so you can stick here phosphorous something...

Please don't forget to give your suggestions for the flashlights to use with this headband.

That is very nice! I can't imagine putting 3 xml flashlights on at once

xml using flashlights could be a bit heavier, and disturbs i think...

Simple but very clever mod! Time to punish my old headlamp as well… As soon as exams are over :d
Thanks for the tip!

Nice job, rizaoztop! A simple mod in the true spirit of BLF ;)

Thanks, rizaoztop! I like to see these types of mods. I have a couple of old headbands around like that and now I know what to do with them.

Good job, rizaoztop! That might even be something I could do. Laughing