Mods to MG X-Thrower, where to find a reflector?

I accidentally smudged the OP reflector on my MG X-thrower quite badly. Does anyone know where I could find a suitable replacement? I am hoping to update this light from a NW SST-50 to a 5000K XM-L2 and possibly over drive it with new driver.

Alternatively, is there any possibility of modifying this head with an aspheric lens?


I’m currently using the 52mm reflector on CNqualitygoods in my X-Thrower with an XM-L2:

BUT, I had to grind down almost half of the reflector’s screw threads so it will sit deep enough within the head for the bezel to screw back on. Not that hard to do with a dremel and an hour to spare, but still a hassle.

I also know for sure that the reflector from the SacredFire/SmartFire V-65C will fit the X-Thrower without any modifications necessary (I’ve since sold that light to a friend). BUT, I don’t think it’s in stock anywhere :frowning:

Good luck!


Here are some pictures of the CNQG reflector after grinding down some of the threads

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t mind a little extra work so I may go ahead and order that reflector. Did you encounter any unexpected trouble modding that light to XML-2? What is your drive level?

It’s on direct drive for now but I’m still using the 20mm contact board it came with :bigsmile:

No unexpected troubles, the pill setup/assembly is pretty straightforward.

Cool how is the heat management like that? I’m adding a 5000K XM-L2 on a copper board, is it likely I’ll be able to run this for any real duration on direct drive?

I’m having a difficult time getting the SST-50 star off. I’ve desoldered the wires and first tried twisting the star, no luck. Tried prying but I can’t really get anything in there, any prying results in the board material coming off slightly but no movement of the star. I even tried boiling it to soften up the adhesive no luck. Any ideas?

I think you should try turning that X-Thrower into a triple.

Just making sure, you unscrewed the pill out of the host right?

If yes, then try heating up the entire pill with your soldering iron first (might take a while), then keep trying to twist off the star with pliers. Make sure the pill is held securely in a vice or something. Mine took a lot of force to come off as well, and resulted in a couple of scratches on the pill, but it did come off :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of heat management for my direct drive XM-L2, I haven’t done any measurements yet but it’s ran 10 mins continuously without dying :bigsmile:

Yep I removed it from the body. I’ll have to give it another go with some pliers and heat. Thanks.