Momentary-On guys: how do you like your modes and UI?

I love my bright lights, but I use them sparingly, to save battery life mostly.

I like forward-click lights so I can light things up momentarily or intermittently. I don't keep an xml-equipped light, for example, running for any more than a few seconds at a time.

This is counter-intuitive to most lights that employ modes, which are usually cycled by a momentary-on press of the switch. This is what has steered me clear of them and has prompted me to purchase only single mode lights/modules.

Most of the time if I need to use a less-intense light, I carry a spare. Sometimes I think it'd be easier to carry one light that can do it all, but I like and am used to lighting up dark places with brief blasts of bright light, which in most cases precludes the use of most multi-mode lamps.

I like the idea behind the UI of the 4sevens quark lights, whose modes get around that momentary-on-cycling, but even so I dislike the idea of having to leave the head partially unsecured to use a particular mode.

I guess I need a light with a rotating bezel or something, but then it probably wouldn't be a BUDGET light, huh? Plus, I really like my solarforces and surefire g2, I wish I knew a way to improve the common UIs to not cycle modes while blasting intermittently.

Please enlighten (no pun intended) this noob as to how you address this dilemma...

Get a light with no memory and hope it starts in the mode you want to instant on all the time.

Momentary on with no memory and 3 mode starting on high.

My X9's memory takes about 2 seconds. So as long as I don't have to turn it on again within 2 sec, I'm good. Would be better at 1/2 sec, but perhaps one day it will be available. It has a forward clickie.

I feel ya..I too like randomly blasting things on full power! haha

For me, a momentary-on light has to be single mode. I don't like forward clickies with multi-mode.


My Preference:

Forward clicky: single mode.

Reverse clicky: 3 mode without the crappy disco BS

Hmmm... I only like momentary on switches on single mode lights and reverse-clickies on lights with modes except...

A budget light with magnetic ring mode selection and a forward-clickie might just make a near perfect interface. Leave the ring set in the mode of choice and hit the momentary-on switch as quick as you like without changing modes.

Fortunately there is an extremely high quality magnetic selection budget light available that just needs the tail switch changed to a forward-clickie. Available in 18650 and 16340 sizes at BIC for under $12.50 shipped. Drop in a Romisen forward-clickie switch from SB for $1.35+shipping and you have the best of both worlds.


Hi JohnnyMac, that seems a really good price for a magnetic control light - do you have experience of using either of these models?

It only starts in high or strobe and it's a very odd strobe too , I agree it's asking for a forward clicky too .

I have both models, Vas, and they are nicely machined and solid lights. The only mode they won't turn on in using the tail switch is low. Any other mode starts fine on all 4 I've purchased. They also have a "soft" off using the ring in addition to the tail switch. One of mine I replaced the emitter with an XM-L and it is very nice. For the price grab one of each and you won't be sorry. ;)

Just bought the 18650 version for £8.35. That's only 15p more than the cost of my daily commute on the Tube!

Let's see how long it takes to get to the UK...

Well,the 18650 arrived on Thursday 20th so that's just over a fortnight. Not bad.

For the money this is a great light. It's not going to compete with a Solarforce host but remember at this price you're getting a complete torch.


Very Cheap!

The magnetic ring is a really useful feature and saves you clicking you're way through the modes.

Very good for modding - although I'm not planning on doing any.


There isn't a great deal of difference between the high and medium.

The knurling isn't agressive enough.

This might not be everyone's cup of tea but it is definitely a budget light that most BLF would be interested in.