momentary on only switches?

Id like to build my boys a couple REAL flashlights but they are still young and leave lights on until the batteries are dead. Is there anywhere that sells switches that are momentary on only? My sons buzzlightyear flashlight has a switch like that and its a brilliant idea for young kids.

Electric soft button could work like that. Or use a forward clicky and try to modify it. Dont have one, but I'm looking for something similar..

As Nightcrawl stated, removing the 'latching' portion of a forward clicky may be the path of least resistance.

Failing that, Radio Shack carries many momentary-on switches - as do the usual electronic component retailers.

Almost like that is the Solarforce S7 tailcap. It can be twisted for constant on though like the old Surefire tactical switch so they could still turn it on and leave it. I wouldn’t go with lithium based chemistry if they are having issues with off. An L2R on 2xAA, smooth bezel, S7 tailcap… it’s an option.

I’ve also seen something on CPF about modding the internals of a Maglite switch so it wouldn’t lock on. That’s a hefty chunk of head thumper though.

Maybe this?