Monster Flashlights?

Greetings everybody. Pretty new to this forum, I must say I like. (seems more my thing compared to cpf) Anyhow I bought this light.


I received it the other day and being my first high powered led light I was quite impressed. Which led me to order a mini mag from johnnymac, a uniquefire 2100 and a ultrafire 501b. O boy… Also will be getting 4 of the new 3400mah keepowers as well. Anyhow does anyone on here know anything about these Monster Flashlights? The one I got seems to be pretty decent but it is also my first light, other than a bunch of incan mags. (which I still think rock). Interested to see what you guys think.

Welcome to the forum, don’t spend any more money before you give a GOOD READ! to the different treads around the forum, there are budget lights here that can literally PWN that light you got, look around, have fun! :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF, Mdn! This is a very friendly, helpful, and tech savy forum, so I think you’ll like it. Some of us are ex-CPF-ers, where the word “budget” is banned.

MonsterFlashlight-dot-com seems somewhat overpriced to me. I recommend looking at some of the chinese dealers used by many of the members of this forum - same lights for less, with no sales tax and frequently no shipping charges. The downside is you have to wait 5 days to “infinity and beyond” for the products to arrive.

Check out Manafont , DealExtreme , and ShiningBeam to start with

Also, spend some time (a lot of time!) reading in this forum and you’ll get to understand what makes a good flashlight (hint: it’s NOT raw lumens!), and trusted, well designed examples of flashlights you can’t go wrong with.

Mostly, have fun and enjoy yourself. And if you find yourself in a full-throw addiction, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Turn that UF2100 into a E1320 E-Tomic 3.5 amp 7135 3.5amp flame thrower … >)

This www retailer comes up every now and then. I dont see anything special about these lights. Like the greg McGee engineering stuff its just “tactical” over-marketed BS. IE… same stuff you can get form CNQG, Aliexpress…etc.

Don’t let it get you down too much though… its just my opinion, if you like it thats all that matters!!

Oh and welcome to BLF!!

Have a pleasant time here at this friendly forum, mdn1081!

Thanks for the input guys. After many hours of reading I have found quite a few more lights that interest me. Especially the Trustfire 3t6. Manny I may have to do that mod to my UF 2100 seems very impressive. Shame I missed out on that group buy.

Welcome fellow PA'er! Whereabouts are you located? Sounds like you're headed down the right track now! Be advised that buying some "budget" lights will have drawbacks. You tend to get what you pay for and need to fix 'em up a little (i.e. clean & lube threads, add thermal compound between emitter & heatsink, tighten/adjust pills, etc. . .) but that's kinda what makes this hobby so enjoyable - tinkering with them and getting great performance from something that costs so little! Good choice on batteries! Batteries are one thing you don't want to go too cheap on! Check reviews/tests and buy from reputable dealers.

Stick around, you'll learn a lot! (And spend a lot too!)

Welcome to the BLF.


Located in the big city of Clearfield Garry!

Ok, well you're not too far from me! I've listed Johnstown, but I'm actually about 20 minutes north on the outskirts of the town of Nanty Glo. I'm a transplant though; I'm originally from central MD.


Follow what FOY reviews and says and buy what he suggested. And be happy.

Looks like Monster is literally just TrustFire, UltraFire and Sky Ray rebrands.

I love my UF2100… Amazing the wall of light that comes out of the E-Tomic 2100…


Can read more stuff around here and you’d get the hang of the market, and which are the stuff to avoid (bad engineering/overpriced/not value for money) and which are the good stuff.

About monster flashlights, you can read this one. :slight_smile:

Although what Foy says is very interesting and a lot of his reviews are superb, that’s no reason to treat him like a god. And I don’t mind if you do actually but imposing your views on other people to me is a big no-no.

Sorry to get off topic, but to the OP welcome and always read current threads to see if your flashlight is ‘outdated’. I’ve made that mistake before.

Like yourself mdn1081, I have just joined up after lurking for a while.
I found BLF after googling for new lights for my bike and now have 2 pages of notes listing flashlights I want - most don’t have anything to do with bikes!
The info and reviews from members are fantastic. I keep reading and like you, think O-boy, O-boy, O-boy!
I started off with a few Ultrafire C3’s for my road bikes in winter (ok, six). Then got a Trustfire TR 1200 for wandering around which I thought was the ants-pants.
Now I’ve been reading BLF, I’ve found a whole world of lights and sellers I never knew existed and my credit card is hiding in the corner, shaking like a timid dog.

I am thinking about buying a couple of the UF 2100’s to update the C3’s for the bike - (not much longer, brighter, longer run time) and was intrigued by Manny’s reply to you:

*Turn that UF2100 into a E1320 E-Tomic 3.5 amp 7135 3.5amp flame thrower …. >).
So, 2 questions: Do you like your 2100’s…
and Manny - would you explain to newbie what this means please.

If I need to begin another thread, please let me know as I don’t wish to hi-jack.

I can answer for him:

Referring to an UltraFire or FandyFire UF 2100 modified with a new 5 mode driver by BLF member E1320. Quite a few BLFers got in on the deal and I think he's doing another. Turbo mode on it is a screamer, upwards of 800 lumens. To be honest though, I won't use mine for biking. 5 modes is to many to cycle through, especially if you are wearing gloves. S'ok, didn't buy it for that, have plenty of others. The UF 2100 is a geat all arounder/edc.