More Added 3/29 Imalent Acebeam Olight Thrunite Sofirn Mecarmy Wuben FOR SALE

Acebeam L18 – 60
I’ll take it please pm PayPal info

And ……a bump

Hi, Thrunite catapult mini is still available and how much does it cost me to ship to Italy? Thank you.

As posted at beginning of thread …“Bunch of lights for sale to US only” Sorry

Thank you for having answered me anyway, I wanted the Catapult mini but unfortunately Thrunite through its official website has not been selling in Italy for some time now, thanks anyway.

Wurkkos FC12- $30. I want. PayPal info?

Purple Wurkkos FC12 PayPal sent!

Is the PT14 still available?

Yes it is .

Do they have the clips on sorry can’t see them in the pic and will you do $70 for both?

They come as is without clips,70 shipped will work.

I’ll take the 2 mecarmy lights

Do the Sofirn SP33 V3 and the Thrunite T1 include the battery? Or light and box only?

Pm incoming

thrunite T1

wuben C5

Thrunite T10 II Titanium

I had to back out.

Both will have OEM batteries.

sent you a pm in reference to the ts2, mini catapult, and swivel

I’ll take the catapult mini, Olight swivel and thrunite ts2

Ill take the thrunite T1 brown

Payment sent on Thrunite T1 brown.

thank you!

Got the lights. Great package of goodies. Looking forward to more business with you. Have you posted your impressions on any of these lights? I think they’re all outstanding for the innovation behind them all. I’m now searching for my acebeam or wuurkos battery similar to the one in the ts2 to see if that works as well. Thanks for keeping me entertained