More Beamshots

Having added a few new lights to my collection, and knowing how much we all enjoy beamshots I thought I'd add a few more.

First up the range. Basically down my driveway 50m to first pole, 150m to the second. A bit foggy down in the valley beyond.

KD XM-L T6 2X18650 shallow OP reflector, super floody beam.

502b with Q5 and DX 28mm optics. Beam was too tight to show 2nd pole, but it reaches it easily.

Manafont 3 mode XM-L drop in (high)

UF 008 recoil. Rifle muzzle and foresight in foreground .

Aurora WF 500 Q5. Very deep SMO reflector,and a great thrower with plenty of even spill.

XPG R5 drop in from Manafont. A bit less "wow!" than the XM-L's, but nonetheless a very useful little light.

noticed the 2 manafont dropins lighting the fence post. that r5 looks pretty good.

Great beamshot!

Only two questions:

- The horizontal line in the second photo (KD XM-L T6 2X18650) is caused by something or it is because is super floody and you can't see the round shape of the beam (like the one of Aurora WF 500)?

- Which body you use for the Manafont 3 mode XM-L drop in?


The horizontal line (which I didn't notice until I downloaded the pic) is because the ute tray that the light was sitting on cut off the's a very wide beam.

The XM-L and Q5 drop ins were in 502B hosts ($5.63 ea from Tmart with battery and charger.....). The R5 is in a 504B.

I'll try to get some wall shots of those beams to better illustrate the difference.

Really impressive flood then!

Sorry if i bother you with another question.. Do you have any heatsink problem with the xm-l on 502 body? For how long you can stay in high without problem?

Not a bother at all davx.......I wrapped some aluminium strip around the XM-L drop-in so that it's a tight fit. The head warms nicely (~30c) after a couple of minutes. I've run it on high for over 20 minutes with no problem.......and nice warm hands.

Tas62, thanks for the beamshots man. It comes in handy for those of us that don't have the exact lights you're highlighting and it makes future purchases much easier. Good job.

Lights 70cm from wall, camera ~120cm. The wall is very pale blue in colour.

The 502B Q5 beam is affected by condensation inside the optic. I've never noticed that artifact in the 008's beam before..........and yes those XM-L's look a bit green.

Awesome beamshots there tas62!!!