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Kaidomain has XHP-70.3 HI in 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6500k temperatures, what do you all think about the bins?

They seem great :slight_smile:

You’re probably correct. The bin code is 50G x=0.3447 y= 0.3553 duv looks to be slightly negative. But it’s a 3 step ellipse so a lot of variation is possible there. I have 8 of them on the way so I’ll let you know.

Kaidomain XHP 50.3 HD 3v

I was very excited about those till I looked into the datasheet and they basically look identically to the 50.2 3V

I didn’t look, and yes you are correct…

Mouser has them too , but yeah still cool white low CRI, sliced they could get closer to neutral white, and HI.

Great info, thanks all! I ordered a couple of xhp50.3 hi variants from kaidomain (90 cri 2700k and 5000k, and 80cri 4000k).

So what kind of currents can these handle? 18W in the 6V configuration (with a convoy 20mm xhp50.2 driver) seems like babying it. Hank’s b35am dm11 driver seems to give around 22W (6A measured at tailcap): that better. How about feeding it 30W?

I might have to plug one on one of my cheap variable buck drivers and visually gauge the point of visually diminishing returns.

Take what the XHP50.2 can handle, and use that as your guide.

Thank you. I was wondering if being domeless made a difference. Also, it also apparently has improved thermal conductivity, so the efficiency curve could could be a bit higher.

In any case, going off the 50.2 tests, it seems like 18W and 22W are reasonable.

Green AR coating is really effective for lowering the duv. XHP70.3 Hi 5000K 80cri from Kaidomain went from 0.0028 with purple AR coating to 0.0000 with green AR coating. No further modifications needed. Flashlight was Convoy M21B.

Nice. At which mode did you get the 0,0000 duv value? And is there a donut hole in the beam?

If I used 5 modes option in 12 group driver, mode 3 was 0.0001 and mode 4 0.0000. No donut hole thankfully. It seems I had a problem with reflow. Not all dies lit evenly.

I’m interested in how these ended up performing. The two similarly-binned HIs at Kaidomain are too green for me to use.

I have on 50G in M21B and with old AR coating it was greenish, with new AR coating it is neutral. DUV 0.0002

My second order of 4500K XHP50.3 HI from Mouser is unfortunately greener than the first, right at the edge of too green to use. 0.0033 in my test setup and a little lower in a light.

Got a couple of 4000k 70.3 90cri from kaidomain off aliexpress

Installed one safely in a dive torch and its exactly like turning on a household light.

Then I had to transfer the other to a specific pcb and I’m pretty sure I roasted it and it popped during electrical testing.

Now to consider buying more leds and upgrading my soldering and lack-of-real-hotplate situation.

newly released Element Cree XEG

Did you center the die on the MCPCB? Why are there gaps in the copper around the solder pads?

I installed and measured XHP50.3 HD (sliced) 80 CRI 4500K and XHP50.3 HI 90 CRI 4500K from mouser.

details in this post