More New Cree Goodness coming....

wow sweet! really looking forward to this!

There’re all listed on Mouser but only high MOC and nothing on order.

Broken link? 403 forbidden

Weird, that link works for me.

I hope to see some of the new emitters soon that we can buy!

XHP50D-H0-0000-0D0UH245G expected dec/08/21

XHP50.3 HI flux H2, 90CRI, 4500K, 3-step

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.


I just placed them in the cart when I went to BLF just to see your comment

… And I still haven’t managed to open my R50 :cry:

Is that you whom already took 10 ? :smiley:

Let’s hope they have a decent tint and low angular tint shift.

Yes I did. Regardless of impressions, I have JoshK Delete Green paint for glass lenses that greatly improves the beam.

But I'm sure it will be good

Can’t tell if the die is smaller or the package is bigger compared to Gen 2.

They finally have an ETA on the 5000K XP-P LEDs as well: 2021-09-24… two more months.

I had been fairly optimistic about this LED, having a < 6500K thrower LED finally (and a ubiquitous 3535 footprint to boot). But JaredM has shown some discouragingly high vF values compared to the Osrams.

JaredM's data is higher Vf that the CREE spec shows, but the spec is still fairly high. Basically this is a 4 amp max LED, maybe on an absolute fresh cell, or by boost. The throw #'s look decent though.

I can retest another sample of the XPP, but I have a fair level of confidence in my numbers as my methods have a bit of redundancy in them.

we have had the XPP in 5k in stock for a month now?

Hey Mark, that’s cool, I’m glad you’ve got some. Unfortunately I can’t justify the $20ish shipping fee for just a few LEDs to play with. I understand international shipping is costly, so I’m not complaining. I’ll just wait patiently for them to arrive stateside.

XHP50D, 5000k arrived looking nice


Wonder how the intensity of the HI will compare to Gen 2. Not only is it domeless but the die seems smaller. Hope it’s not green at low levels like Luminus.

sits a little under the BBL, not green

I hope they make XHP70.2 HI, that will be a dream emitter!