more throw from a C8 XML?

Been awhile since I tested the draw on it, seems to me it was 1.85A on the XP-G.

You are correct about the XP-G hotspot on the Palight, in fact I documented it myself with beamshots here

But you have to look hard to notice the difference. The XM-L just puts out SO MUCH light compared to the XP-G that it makes more sense. In addition, I think the hotspot would be better on the XM-L than the XP-G IF they both had the same reflector. The XM-L is in a P60 in that example, and the XP-G in a C8 reflector.

Look farther down the beanshots page at the Trustfire F15 image. The F15 is basicall a C8 with an XM-L, and it blows the P60 Xm-L out of the waster, as well as the C8 with XP-G