Most compact triple AA light recommendation

OL’s most recent giveaway has sparked my interest in building an AA light. This light will be one I can loan/giveaway or personally use without having to worry about lithiums.

2 things for consideration

- Compact (as compact as possible)

  • Uses 3xAA

Planned build details:

- DrJones nanj driver (likely just 1.4 amps)

  • single or maybe triple xml (to boost lumens at same current)

So those are some criterias/plans I have. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a host?

Using multiple emitters won’t buy you anything. XM-Ls are pretty efficient until you start hitting over 2 or 2.5 amps. Then the efficency drops off some.
But at 3 normal AAs (or even NiMH), you won’t be able to generate enough current to justify multiple emitters, unless its multiple XP-Gs or XR-Es(for throw), or Nichina high color renditioning ones. Especially since AA/AAA is 1.2 volt and would need step up to 2.7 or whatever forward Voltage is needed.

Any reason you are doing 3xAAs? If you went with 3xAAAs then there are many flood to throws that are super cheap that support that format. Less battery life of course by a good margin, but then the handle wouldn’t be so fat and you can still get the same amperage/voltage.

Step up to 2.7V? 3xAA already buys you 3.6V right out of the box.

How much work do you want?

I’ve often thought a chopped down 1D Mag with no side switch, tail clicky/or twisty with 4xAA would be interesting. Or maybe a 3xAA/4xAAA in a 1C Mag.