Most efficent 18650 battery for AMC7135 based drivers

So we talk about single 18650 AMC7135 linear drivers and the best battery configuration for them.

The most common ones are 8×AMC7135 NANJG 105C…

The main question: Which cell will maintain constant brightness under his load all through the runtime?

We all know this:

- AMC7135 drivers has power loss below 3,6 (but slightly power power loss happens even before that)

I did some research and plenty of people suggest this:

Regular 4,2V 18650 batteries:
1.Panasonic NCR18650PD 2900mah
2.Sanyo UR2600FM

Even Better choice but non standard charger are following 4,35V 18650 batteries:

1.LG18650D1 3000mah Pink

2.LG18650C2 2800mah Orange

I personaly tried Sanyo 2600 red on 8×Nanjg105C and Qlitedriver (same thing).

I am not happy with short burst of light with Sanyo 2600 red…

So for example It will maintain constant brightness from 4,2-3,9 V than first stage of light drop will happen from 3,9-3,75, and second stage of drop from 3,75-3,1V where driver acts similar as in Direct drive mode.

So… Are there better battery than one listed above?

Or even better… Are there better single 18650 2,5-3A drivers than AMC7135 based ones? Drivers that can deploy constant and regulated current to led from 4,2 - 3V?

Depends on the LED you are using and connections, PCB and so on..

You've listed the usual recommendations already. 4.35V cells have a great advantage there, there are also some from Sanyo and Samsung.

There is nothing better currently and sadly, there is no fully regulated 3A driver yet.. we all want one. ;)

Thanks NightCrawl,

I am using single stage 8×7135 nanjg 105C drivers(2,8 ones), XP-G2 emitters on noctigons, 22AWG silicone wires, artic alumina in combination with artic silver paste.

XP-G2 is my favorite emitter… Nothing(except XP-E2 with much tighter beam) performs that well in my 50 mm aspheric and reflector. Giving short bursts of 215/130KCD throw power.

I will patiently wait for better batteries or better drivers…

Hope I will not die waiting them :slight_smile:

the 2.6a ld-25 is in my opinion worth a look in an edc light, its constant current, which suits me as my most light use is around moving machinery.

I would improve it by changing the mode group switching method (flicker after ten seconds in low, off on, this looses or gains the strobe settings) and giving a much lower low, from memory is it 100-50-10 with memory, good in theory as you can memory low and the next step is full on. I just wish it was 100-35-2 mode spacing, ho hum.

So it is this little sucker…

I think it is worth a try… But I would like single mode only.