Mother's Day Promotion at TinyDeal

Hi, all, I wanna inform you our new promotion although it is not totally related to flashlights. ^^

TinyDeal has a Mother's Day promotion from 3.29 to 5.9, we have prepared top-selling Mother’s Day collections for you with amazing sales promotion to help you save on this meaningful day. Thousands of products for you to choose.

If you are interested in our amazing sales, just take a few minutes and have a look here:

The campaign content includes:

1. 4 top categories you can enjoy 10% off

2. Special offers-25 different products up to 25% off per day.

3. Free gift for oder over $100 (different choices are offered)

PS: we ensure that the prices are original and also won't be marked up because of our promotion.

About the details of our promotion you may visit here.

Best Wishes to you and your beloved mother

Does this Mother's Day Promo include folding knives? :bigsmile:

I wish! Maybe for Father's Day? I noticed bras, panties, vibrators, and condoms on sale. Y'know, everything your mom wants from you for Mother's Day.

Seriously! Are knives included in the promotion? Enquiring minds want to know!

Yes, knives and flashlights are included except the first promotion ( 4 top categories can enjoy 10% off).

Different selections about knives and flashlights will also appear in "Specials" category (special offers-25 different products up to 25% off per day.)

And all products besides "Special Offers" can attend the third promotion (free gift for oder over $100)

Father's Day must have another new promotion.