Motorbike lighting


My YBR125 has a appalling headlight, I’ve researched projector lenses with HIDs in the hope I can convert my headlight, I cannot find anything cheap or simple enough.

I stumbled across this…

A company called BikeVis sells 10w Cree Running Lights but they want £100 :frowning:

To me, it just looks like this coupled with this wide angle lense

If I bought these lights and the wide lens would I achieve the same result as BikeVis?

Anything here do the job? Demon Tweeks

Got specs on your factory headlight?

Some quick searching, it seems its a 7" round headlight? If so, maybe you can find something from a Harley that will fit...

It is a US seller, so shipping might be killer. But you could probably find a Chinese reseller, or something more local. You could also try searching a different make/model that has a 7" headlight assembly.

EDIT: To do an HID conversion, first you would want a projector style headlight, then you would need to get an HID kit with bulb and ballast. You may already know this, but just wanted to make sure

Nope, there is a projector lens, but it’s either hi or low so I would require 2, the light I currently have is a 35w affair, 2x 55w will kill the alternator and the bike would die shortly after leaving the house :frowning:

I also want to “upgrade” rather than make marginly better, which is why I would like HID Xenon and not a better halogen reflector.

The joy of having such a small bike.

Thanks, I had found that before, but had ruled it out due to the cost of buying that and a HID ballast + bulb.

I have since found out also the output voltage of a HID ballast starting up is around 70w, my bike and wiring couldn’t cope or produce that.

The plan I have is, put those cree lights on the bike, have an inline switch to turn off the stock headlamp and only run the cree lights, this way I’m not putting the bike under any extra stress.

After sleeping on it, I have come to the conclusion all headlights etc are spot/floods they just have a wide angle lense or projecor in front of them to control the beam, so my idea would work.

Could anyone confirm?

I installed a Bi-xenon bulb in a stock reflector and it has nearly same beam pattern as stock halogen. no glare at all.
I used cheap chinese bi-xenon kit brought locally that cost me around 35$ Bulb need fine adjustment to achieve beast results.

Quality HID projector kit will cost you around 150$

Hi DreamEater. I've played with the idea of doing something similar but using bigger diameter lens. Seems like you will need to put in a visor to give a proper cut off for low beam. Should be pretty easy to do, but technically illegal. Around here though, about every other truck drives around with fog lights on full time. The law doesn't seem concerned about them.

Before going down the road of new lights and the costs involved, the first thing would be to find out why a 7” headlight is that bad. It should be capable of more than enough output for a 125. Check the earthing, the feed the bulb etc.

If you do go down the modified lights route, as you are in the UK please be careful as to what you are fitting and make sure they have the E mark, as the regs are stupidly written and enforced happily by the anti bike blue meanies.