Mr. Light Gangster 250 - Need Advice

Mr. Light Gangster 250 was gifted to me by a friend. It only works on high which lasts around 2.5hrs & heats up too much.
Full specifications are not available.
Need to add modes to it so it works for a longer time.
Can anyone advise which parts would be the best fit?

850 lumens in such a big light and you say it heats up too much?

If THIS is the light you are talking about I’m amazed that it even gets warm!
If so, I suspect that will be only in the area were the head is attached to the body of the light.
Unless there is not enough aluminum involved for properly absorbing and conducting the heat of the XP-E2.

Actually, you want the light itself to get warm, else the LED gets all that heat bottled up ’til it gets sick and dies.

If you want to replace the driver, either someone else here has to have the same exact light, and/or you’ll have to open it up and take some measurements.

Looks like a big honkin’ Maglite, so dunno if it has multiple modes or if it’s in fact supposed to just be off/on. Didn’t see any “modes” listed anywhere, so it might be just that.

Gangster LED :person_facepalming:

Has more street-rep than Uranusfire, I guess.

Gangster LED brought to you by Boost mobile ! :slight_smile:

You gotta hold the light sideways when shining it.


No modes. Just on max.
Throw is very good & brightness seems to be more that 850lumes as compared mine with a friend’s nitecore 1000lumens.
Mine seemed better.

Have tried desparetly to open it up but failed.
Centre piece contains circuit PCB, button, recharging port & led.
Not able to figure out how to remover those components. In the process broken soldering of the led