MR50, XHP50.2 2500lm, 21700, PowerBank

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Rofis MR50 is another flashlight that I test powered by 21700 cells.

Flashlight available in the Banggood shop: Rofis MR50 XHP50.2 2500 Lumen 6 Modi USB Wiederaufladbare Ladeanzeige Einfach Op Sale - Banggood Deutschland sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice
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Manufacturer’s website:

The flashlight is obtained in an orange-and-black package. Color-coded remind me of boxes in which Fenix packs his flashlights. Rofis on the packaging gives detailed flashlight operating times in given modes. Nice that he does not give in the highest mode only 2500lm, which in fact works for a short time.

The package contains:

- flashlight

- USB cable (braided!)

- OTG cable (the flashlight can work as PowerBank)

- leash on the wrist

- spare o-ring and rubber protecting the USB port

- a well-made holster

- paperology

  • 21700 cell with a capacity of 5000mAh

I do not have the MR70 on hand, but it seems to me that the MR50 has a more matt anodization.

Looking from the top, similarly to the MR70, we find a glass with AR coatings and a metal bezel.

A great-looking OP spotlight and XHP50.2 diode

Under the metal bezel, the inscription HOT, if we do not overdo the flashlight switching in TURBO, there should be no problem with “uncomfortable” temperature

Rofis on the head of the flashlight, even in the MR70 model, did not use classic override for better heat dissipation. Can this solution please? I like : )

On one side the brand, model and probably the serial number of the flashlight

On the next button. The button works quite quietly, very accurately with the detectable button span. After inserting the cell (not after switching on the flashlight, unfortunately) the corresponding color of the diode (green, orange, red) informs about the state of charge of the cell. If the cell is very discharged, the button will be red when the flashlight is working.

And the USB port for charging the 21700 cell. The cell that is attached to the flashlight has protection and does not fit most of the classic chargers, in my case I have to use the charger built into the flashlight.

Middle tube covered with interesting anodization, palpable under the finger, but it works well if the flashlight is wet.

Flat cap with classic knurling and a string hole

The factory has very well greased guineas

Double, thick spring, I want to see such a view more often

The MR50 control is similar to the MR70 model.
Turn the torch on and off with a single click. It has the memory of the last mode (not including the TURBO mode).

- Modes are changed by holding the button, in the 25, 300, 1200lm loop, the TURBO 2500lm mode is activated by a double fast click (no matter in which mode, the flashlight can be turned off). TURBO is limited in time.

- During charging, the on-off LED lights up in red, the end of charging is marked in green.

- Localizer mode - on the switched off torch, hold the button for 2-3 seconds. The switch LED will flash twice every 3 seconds.

  • Protection against accidental switching on the flashlight. On the switched off flashlight, hold the button for 4 seconds, the diode will flash twice. From this moment, each press of the button will inform about active protection by lighting the red diode in the switch. And to turn off the protection press the button for 3 seconds, and wait until the flashlight turns on

MR50 has improved protection and informing the user about the low charge state of the cell.
Below 3.7V we will not turn on the TURBO, the LED in the button will flash 4 times in red and turn off the TURBO.
If the cell is discharged at all times, it will be informed by the switch diode, flashing with a red diode.
As a result of the ever lower voltage on the cell, the MR50 will clog modes, at 3.1V after a while it picks up the lowest mode.

The manufacturer gives the duration of TURBO 2500lm for 1 minute, then lowering the brightness to 1200lm for 6min and the remaining time the flashlight will be shining with 700lm for almost 3h.
According to the chart, the last drop is up to about 30%, which coincides with the manufacturer’s data (the test is performed by telephone, so the accuracy of the measurements should be taken into account).

The chart was made using the Rofis 21700 cell attached to the flashlight with a capacity of 5000mAh

Rofis MR50 is a torch made of one piece of aluminum. I think it looks great!

In the group with Fenix TK35 2018 and UC52 it looks small! Smiley

The MR50 is slightly higher than the Lumintop ODF30 flashlight powered by 26650 cells

MR50 weight with a link is 190 grams. Quite good, especially that the 26650 cell-powered flashlights often “bring on weight” more than 200 grams

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance - Fluorescent H
Rofis MR50 - medium

Rofis MR50 - high

Rofis MR50 - TURBO

Fenix UC52 - TURBO

Emisar D4 - medium

Emisar D4 - TURBO

Rofis MR50 - TURBO

Fenix UC52 - TURBO

Wuben A21 - TURBO

Emisar D4 - TURBO

Rofis MR50 - low

Rofis MR50 - medium

Rofis MR50 - high

Rofis MR50 - TURBO

Fenix UC52 - TURBO

Wuben A21 - TURBO

Lumintop ODF30 - TURBO

Emisar D4 - TURBO

Full size photos:

A few words of summary:
I had the MR70 model before, so I knew what to expect from the MR50. The MR50 did not surprise me with anything new, I did not expect something to surprise me.
Rofis MR50 is an interesting flashlight, powered from the “new” links 21700. Made of one piece of aluminum, covered with black matt anodization, with a pleasant click, USB port, well in the palm of your hand. I miss the option of choosing a flashlight with a warm or neutral diode, the manufacturers explain the choice of a cold diode for the needs of the market, but … let’s face it, the warm is beautiful!
The other thing is the driver. The producer on the packaging put information on how long the flashlight shines in a given mode, with what clarity, here I must admit that Rofis is surprising, because few manufacturers treat the case so honestly. My complaint is rather the lack of change in brightness in relation to the temperature of the flashlight. Temporary reduction of brightness? “In these times” it is … weak. This does not mean that the MR50 is a bad flashlight, we can simply expect more from the manufacturer.
TURBO in MR50 can be considered as an additional hidden mode. In TURBO it shines for 1 minute, then decreases brightness to High mode.
56USD for a flashlight with a 21700 battery attached to the set, PowerBank and a built-in charger for charging these cells, may be an interesting proposition for people who look for such a flashlight, typically useable.

Thank you for your attention Smiley