MrLite LT3 xpg-r5 123A/16340 form factor

Veeeeeery expensive, but nice looking. Too big for 123A form factor

Last time I looked the price for that light was around $50. Still not a dirt-cheap light but that is a much better price than usual. It says it is the CR123 version, but I agree it looks more like an AA light. AFAIK, just about all MrLite's AA lights are supposed to be able to take 14500s.

Upss CR123 I didnt see that

However, too big to be 123 style

The black one is 3 mode no strobe

Probably description error?

Huh, interesting. I agree that it's still a bit too expensive, but far cheaper now since the last time I saw it elsewhere. Lightake appears to have reduced their prices as well on the LT series.

Mrlite offers almost all their models in different lengths and diameters to accomodate various battery sizes, including the LT series.

According to the CPF page, the LT2 is AA/14500, and the LT3 is for CR123/16340. But now I have no idea what's what: The CPF page above states that the LT3 is for 16340, but th lygate review says the LT2 is for 16340, but the length corresponds to the length of the LT3 on Manafont. As for Manafont's LT2, I kind of wonder if it's the 18650 version.

I'll ask on Manafont's chat support tonight to see about the mode setup. It's interesting that they seem to have ordered a batch with custom modes. But it seems strange that they would order the silver one with a strobe mode after the success of the BLF AA-Y4E. So I tend to suspect a description error somewhere.

I see Manafont is also carrying the Mr.Lite PT1 for a substantially discounted price now.

It looks intriguing, but has anyone managed to get a laser that strong into US without trouble?

Edit: Hmm... This looks like a new design for the PT1 vs what i saw reviewed previosuly and what is currently on the Mrlite website. I wonder if they changed the specs as well. Anyone have any ideas?

Manafont says nanowatt, not milliwatt. I can't see anyone driving a 50mW laser from a single AAA. I suspect they mean microwatt, not nanowatt -which would be 0.05mW. It does say 50MW on the Mrlite website but 50 megawatts is not coming out of any AAA known.

The entire 800 bed hospital I work in uses less than 2 megawatts at maximal power consumption - and it certainly isn't being run on one AAA. (The heating runs on natural gas)

The six very large generators were all being run this morning - and were very, very loud. And someone hadn't checked the UPS on the servers when we went back to AC power. No servers....

According to Mrlite's web page here

The LT1 must be the CR123 version, the LT2 the AA version and the LT3 the 18650 version so according to the Manafont calipers this is an LT2 which is an AA light. It is smaller than the Trustfire F22 though.

I think I want one!

I think Mr. Admin is right on the LT1/2/3.

But the LT 2 on Manafont has "(CR123/16340)" in the title , "Powered by 1 X AA/14500 battery" in the description and the length (112 mm) of the 18650 light in the pics. LOL ... triple mix-up.

I always liked the looks of the XENO Cube and I wish the bezel and the switch of the MrLite's LT 1/2/3 would sit flush in the main tube.

If anyone comes up with a Xeno Cube at a third of the price the CPF folks paid for them, I want one NOW!

At the current price (Around $85 delivered), it isn't happening given that I'm about to have to spend $1,100 to keep my car working...

That sucks... if you think of all the flashlights, you could have bought with that kind of money.

But then how would I be able to drive to the places without light pollution to play with test them?

This car was probably not a good idea.... :(

BMW owned Rover at the time, their designers were obviously having a bad day....

Talking of light pollution - a few years ago alady friend and I drove to a usually deserted beach about 30km from here to observe a total lunar eclipse.

Sadly, a lot of others had the same idea and were parked there.

With their headlamps still lit!!!!!!!

Parked ... with headlamps on? I think I have a rough idea, what the owners were doing. ;-)

For once no - there was not a single fogged window, nor were any of the cars bouncing up and down ;-)

Just stupid rather than horny.

I could go on in revolting detail, but won't.

Close, but not quite!

According to the links I posted, it looks like Mrlite has flip-flopped a few times with their model names. You'd better ask Manafont customer service which is which, maybe they can pull one out and stick a battery in to test it for you.

Not noticed that one before - with an XR-E Q5 it might even be a decent deal but the heft of stainless steel and the nice tailcap aren't there. Actually a Cube in aluminium would still interest me.

Me too, but finish and looks and emitter have to be spot on ... for a light like this.... the plain triangle from MrLite would also work for me (no additional milling)... with alu and natural HAIII, XP-G R4 neutral, 3-4 mode with memory, no strobes, current regulated, good AA support, flush bezel and flush metal switch.... hmmm, tasty... easily worth 30$

You can get a laser of that power into the US if the nobody knows about it, and if it says flashlight/gift on the package, you probably won't have any trouble

A 50mw laser on a AAA is pretty possible. DX has plenty of much high power claim pointers on 2xAAA. That 50mw might also be a bit fudged. The problem is not really draw from a AAA anyway.