MRsDNF entry to the BLF/OL 4th year 2016 comp. Machined. Finished 17.9.16. Pictures added to the OP 18.9.16.

Some nice Burl at the bottom. Glad you pulled that one out. My root only yielded a few good pieces and the one I’m using is the longest one. I saved everything in case I can use it for smaller lights but much of the ball had similar 3/8” voids that will have to be cut around or filled. Will that be enough?

It’s cool to see what was in those burls. That red one looks like it could make something pretty.

Some of the tubes I have are part Burl and part straight grain and the transition can be pleasing.

The red one is Tea tree. I’ve never heard of anyone really doing anything with it but make fences. I’m not sure if I have enough or not. Time will tell.

Well, you can always just use some Burl wood Veneer and wrap it around the aluminum body. Two part epoxy works well for that.

This may well be plan C. :laughing:

Small update in the OP.

Finally. :P I was already excitedly waiting for an update from you since I am very much looking forwards to seeing your build :)

Why are you using the brass layer for the body?

Thanks fritz. I plan on machining through the layers so the different colours come through.

Ooh, wood, ali and brass showing through :heart_eyes:

Yeah, sounds pretty good, I am really looking forwards to seeing how that'll turn out :)

Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with your woody.

did you have much interference between the 2 tubes,or are they size for size

The two tubes were a tap with a hammer fit with a bit of Loctite smeared on just in case.

I’m just a bit curious myself. :slight_smile:

I’m going to play, come on baby light my fire to it. :person_facepalming:

Did you heat one and cool the other? I’ve had to do that to get bearing races mounted on fork steering tubes.

I was thinking I may have to do that but I managed to get the tolerances close enough that the brass outer with some mild tapping with a large rubber hammer had it sliding on nicely. My biggest fear was it going on half way and seizing. The Loctite worked as a lubricant as well.

Impressive fit with brass & aluminum tubes. This will be interesting!

How well does wood conduct heat? Hmmm…. Maybe not a good idea? :smiley:

Depends on where you use it.

I thought wood got rid of heat real good. Even to the point if it gets to hot it gets rid of the heat via fire. :stuck_out_tongue: