MRsDNF entry to the BLF/OL 4th year 2016 comp. Machined. Finished 17.9.16. Pictures added to the OP 18.9.16.

That’s the ticket!! :person_facepalming:

Hmm, can you say flash point?

This makes me wonder what I could do with a crazy red oak coppice if I were to dig it out. I cut it down a few years ago and it’s currently more a bush than a tree with probably close to 40 trunks about 6 ft tall. I’ve never seen an oak do what this one is doing and can only imagine the grain.

Really looking great so far. Love the idea for the multiple materials showing.

keen to see it steve

can’t wait to see the final result, but watching the progress is also quite meditative :heart_eyes:

Updated in the OP. 8.8.16.

Looking nice!

Pretty nice, glad you’re in the other half.

Nice, the surface quality is amazing! Could you maybe upload a picture of the HSS tool so you can see the shape of it? I have worked with wood on the lathe a few times but never got the same surface as you did :slight_smile: Oh and I learned that you have to have the tool above zero to turn wood :+1:

I’ll get a picture of the tool up tonight. I think I will have to borrow your internal turning tool to do the bore. :slight_smile:

It took me awhile to understand this. I’m positive you’d have nothing to worry about. Hopefully I can get the od of the battery tubes half as good as what yours are like.

Very nice! I look forward to more.

Making myself hard to understand is just revenge for feeling jealousy. That rocks! I’ll post my wood turning results in my thread later. Gotta hit the road again.

A couple of pictures of the tool used so far turning the wood. Its ground from a piece of 3/8’’ HSS.

Thank you for the pictures :beer:

I always found scorching and chipping/tear out to be the most common problems with wood and you’ve avoided both of those so far. What did you think of the sealer you used, it seems larger in quantity for the price and more eco friendly than epoxy as well.

I dont know RBD. I’m not sure if it is actually doing anything or not but that hasn’t stopped me using it. I rough turned down the battery tubes last night. They still have about 7mm to come of the diameter. I expect this is where I will have grief If I’m to have any at all.

It helps you’re actually using sharp tools, it’s probably time for a new hack saw blade. How thin will it get?

So far look'n good! I'll be following this... Maybe keeping the wood parts Flintstone size would be less risk? Think'n Mega BOSS1?

I dont think Flinstone roller wheels will fit the look but your right in the respect while they are mega sized they are in one piece and not fire wood. :slight_smile:

If I have time I’m going to make a thinner in width tool tonight so there is less drag on the timber when machining it. That way I’ll have a lighter press fit on the mandrel when there slid on hopefully making the risk of splitting less.