MRsDNF is giving away one of his custom creations!

This is just a heads up for all of you guys that are as taken with Steve's (MRsDNF) craftsmanship as I am. Over on TFF Steve is giving away one of his gorgeous creations. This time it's a lovely AA sized light that is just a piece of perfection. If you haven't already entered you might want to. If you have been a member over on TFF since before his contest started you will get 4 entries when you enter. Even if you aren't already a member you can get one entry. I know how much most of us would love to have one of his lights so now is your chance! :P

Looks cool. I like the heavy knurl

When did TFF start up? I have never heard of it before?

The knurling on that light is my favorite part! It looks fantastic!

TFF has been around for over a year now.


TFF is JM’s forum, you’ll recognize most people there (some folks from vapor forums), its a lot more laid back even than here and far less advertising / shill posts / pushy vendors / not-really-a-deal deals.

Thanks for the heads up!

That’s a sweet light. I’ve won a few different giveaways so I won’t be posting for it but I can still ogle it.

Of course, I am in on this sweet light giveaway. Thanks.

Edit— I got it wrong, I thought you post here to get in. Congrats to the winner of this awesome looking light.

What a beautiful little creation that is :-) Good luck to the conttestants!

This light looks like a nice piece of work. :exmark:

Wow. Absolutely gorgeous looking. Thanks! I’m in :smiley:

Edit: Oh now I see it. I can’t be in since it on another forum I did not even know existed :slight_smile: Good luck to participants!

Well if you aren’t a member (I’m not), then don’t bother with regards to this give away:

“This giveaway is open to all TFF members that have signed up before this thread was started. ”

I can sort of understand why this, but the flip side is, it doesn’t make me want to sign up over there.

Actually, you are incorrect, CD. If you read MRsDNF’s contest rules anyone new can join and enter. Pre-existing members get 4 entries for entering but anyone joining after he posted the contest can still enter but they just get the one standard entry. I think he did this to give those members who’ve been there all along a better chance of winning after opening the contest to anyone who wants to join. :wink:

If you were a member of TFF before this thread was started your first post will automatically give you four entries to the giveaway which I will document by number which will be your ticket numbers. New members joining up will receive one entry to the giveaway which I will also document your ticket number. These will be recorded in the first post.


EDIT: It also states in my OP here, "Even if you aren't already a member you can get one entry". Being a new member does get you in on it.

Possibly the best knurls I’ve ever seen. Impressive.

Very pretty, though I’m not certain I want to sign up just to get one chance to not get the light, never win at these drawings :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I’m in for this awesome custom light. Thanks.

lol, i registered and looks like I just missed the drawing! Congrats Johnny! That thing is gorgeous!