MS18vn Sky

Just a fun project for a special friend
Video tonight!

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Looks like retinal damage in his future. My eyes are watering and it’s not even turned on yet. What’s the wiring you’re using in it?

I used 20AWG for the front web and 18AWG to circuit board. Some wires has stripped silicone and solder dipped so they can keep form.

1st iteration…I guess I wasn’t thinking haha

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48 leds? Crazy!

Any thoughts on output?

Awaiting video…

Looking forward to the video! :smiley:

Too bad I dont have a X80GT in for still beam shots

Looks like your link is broken - 404 Not Found

What PCBs are you using?

How about this MT18Svn with the 8x 18650 extension tube? :smiling_imp:

I wonder if 4 18650’s can do 100,000 lumens. If it could hold 100k for 5 seconds that would be very cool.

Or would the thermal capacity be the limiting factor to reach 100k lumens?

Lemme guess…6.5w per LED. 50K Lumens. Am I right?

80k might be possible if pushed really hard with a cell like the Samsung 20s. By looking at the LED and battery tests it seems like the cell should be able to handle that output.

The Astrolux extension tube for 8 18650 can be used also on the MF01S with a tailcap. With all springs bypassed you can have a huge current. I wonder how much current the FET on the driver is capable of.

That looks like your father’s work Vinh