MT-G2 Build

So I finally started working on this build. I’m using a deep c8 host, running a full board. While I was quite impressed with the results already, I knew it could be pushed harder. I added 5 380ma chips bringing it to just over 4.8a. While I was very pleased with the output, after 2-3 minutes on high, the head was so hot I could barely keep my hand on it. I know some of you guys will be rolling your eyes at this, and calling me a sissy, but I want to be able to use this light for long periods of time, and without failure. Probably going to remove 2 chips, which will bring it to just a hair over 4a. Hopefully this will produce good results, without overheating it. Opinions are welcome.

Does your driver have lower modes?

Even 3A is above the max a C8 host can handle comfortably. After 2 minutes it will be difficult to hold. (at least at 30 deg C ambient T). Do you prefer the floody beam of an MTG2?

Tbh, I doubt removing 2 will make a noticeable difference

I like distance over flood, which is why i used a small head design of a c8, plus i just had one laying around. Yes, its a 3 mode driver, but i like high for deer spotting. Removing 2 may not make much of a diffrence, but i will at least try it, and remove one by one from there to achieve a good opetating temp… The stock full driver was just over 3, and it handled it ok. I made adustments to the pill by cutting off the aluminum lip, and screwing in a .060 copper plate for the mcpcb to rest on.

What are you using to power it? Don’t those run on 6V?

Probably two 18350’s. At least that’s how I did mine.

Bought an extension tube for the c8 I believe from Fasttech. It fit horribly. Had to use a vise and a wrench to get them to mate, but yes, 2 18650’s.

I presume you made a mistake here? Small head =more flood. Even a dedomed mtg2 is more flood than throw in a C8. The 2X 18650 C8 has a nice feel to it whatever LED is inside :smiley:

If i did, i wasn’t aware of it. In the c8 category, I used a deep reflector rather than a standard to get more throw. I had always thought that with a smaller head, you would get a narrower beam, in turn, more throw.

In simple terms if you want throw the larger the diameter the reflector is the further it will throw, the tinier the hot spot from the led.

Flood vs throw aside, dont forget it is hard to beat the MT-G2 for tint and or evenness of beam. I did some XHP70 experements recently and yah its bright but a real pain to “fix” that donut hole/ x beam artifact and even as it was “suposedly” a 3c tint it was very white/yes a bit of blue.

cocnlustion, back to the MT-G2 for usable beams.

And I with ya brother, I want the light as bright as possible (defined as I can hold it and use it as long as I need)

Eithier way, it should still serve its purpose in the end. All that time stacking in 5 chips, only to remove some of them. Oh well, ill get it eventually.

You mentioned a C8 deep host.
WTF is the difference between all the C8’s upon the market if you don’t mind me inquiring ?

A deep c8 uses a slightly deeper reflector than a standard c8. Noticeable differences are a longer head, and for some unknown reason, that has become a real pain for me, the thread of the pill is a bigger bore. I prefer them when making scanning lights because they seem to throw across fields better than a standard c8, and don’t wash out on the ground as much.

I never understood why the holy grail of a flashlight mod was the ability to run it on high for extended times. Use the lower modes for that, but it is nice to have more for the short time you may need it.

Most of us here probably drive a car or truck, we don’t run that on full throttle all the time right? That’s what the gas pedal is for. Why is it that we can accept that kind of usage in a car, but not a flashlight?

Now, going from here, as LEDs become more powerful and brighter the only way to utilize that maximum brightness is to accept that it will not be available full time.
What is so wrong with having more power in your hand than the flashlight body can stand for indefinite periods of time?

I am talking about experienced and knowledgable users here, although it doesn’t take an experienced driver to be able to operate a car or truck. They ALL have the ability to accelerate or travel faster than speed limits.

Which companies make deep head versions ?

dchomak, I explained in an earlier posts. I do a lot of spotting with my lights which requires a lot of power to be able to throw across a field. No, im not running like 10-20 minutes continious, but if I did, I want to make sure it can handle it. I get the “wow” factor on anything I build from other people, so I’m over showing off :bigsmile:

I removed 2 chips and I think it’s pretty safe to run now. I did notice before I molded the tail cap the spring looks to be getting pretty hot. Would adding multiple wires to the spring help with this?