MT-G2: Cutter is the Only Source So Far?

Has anyone seen the Cree MT-G2 on sale anywhere other than I have searched around a bit and Cree's other distributors haven't picked it up yet.

And this has nothing at all to do with my recent acquisition of the UF T90 ;)

No joke, I was about to post an identical topic. I’m still looking for another source, I have reservations about paying $13 to ship a $19 emitter.

Just buy some other LEDs to keep the MT-G2 company. ;)

And make sure you get male and female LEDs… by the time they get to you, you should have a litter or two of baby LEDs. :party:

We should buy at least a dozen females, and maybe two males (but keep the males seperate) and then start a farm!

Can we daddy, pleasepleaseplease?

So, If I get two MT-G2’s I should have a couple of XP-G2’s by the time they get here :wink:

It IS quite a long flight from Australia, with a few lay-overs…boom. I have the mental maturity of a 16 year old.

I wish I had the time to do a groupbuy on these.

That would be excellent.

Maybe in a few weeks.

Was looking for a vendor info and found this: Illumination Supply


In noctigon! Thanks Hikelite. :beer:

Hank at intl outdoor has some.. or are they different?

IO ones look just like MtnElectronics… except the Mtn ones will arrive within a few days, versus a CNY-inspired few weeks for IO.

IOS had been looking for a distributer in the United States.