~MT-G2~ Pocket Monster (hard way moding SK98) now VIDEO preview

Thanks everyone! I will take outdoor video tonight. After 70sec run on max body is too hot to hold and after 2 minutes too hold to touch. However, flashlight is very usable on other mods with loads of light. On low I’m reading 200mA and 1.9A on medium. Calculated runtime on max is more than 12 minutes so in short bursts it’s not too bad if you want massive wall of light right out of your pocket. Compared to my 100w halogen bulb rated at 1800 lumens without deffuser, to my eyes it is noticeable brighter. I would say it’s more than 2100 lumens and without lens over 2500. I’ve chosen zoomie over reflector based light because I wanted only flood in tiny package but still I have option of zooming for better throw, 120m easily. Heat managment in sk98 is very good since cooling fins are right under screwed pill and that’s the reason why I’ve chosen it over other zoomies.

Here is requested outdoor video :wink: . It’s captured with Sony Xperia U. Up-close objects are too bright and further objects are to dim. It doesn’t represent real experience, that’s why a had both lights just to get you an idea how it looks compared.
I had slightly problems with mode memory which I don’t like :Sp . You can see components in video description.

VERY, very nice light and really good video demonstration. Thanks!

Beam looks great in flood and throw. Your video kind of swings around a lot. I imagine it's hard to work the light and record at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to provide the video. You got me wanting one of these now.

Man I really need an MT-G2 powerhouse! Hopefully, branded manufacturers can come with them or budget ones!

Great mod. Gorgeous finish.

Very good mod, thanks for putting up the pictures now. What is the small animal in the grass?

I’ve actually used four lights in video. First one is 10mm led photon clone from KD ( I am very satisfied with it) and second one is generic 5 led bike light. Four lights in four pockets :bigsmile: .

It’s my 4 months old dog. He follows me where ever I go :slight_smile:

Oh, it's hard to tell in flood mode if you are just in low or medium mode. I probably should have looked for tint clues. At what times in the video are you using the light you built in the OP?

It would be good to know when the other 4 lights were used too.

Cool. I’m more impressed now having seen the video.

Last light is with MT-G2 as you can see from honeycomb beam patern. First one is keychain, second is generic 5 led and third is dedomed XP-G2.

Nice build mtg2 sk98 build!! I like the way you fabricated extra copper for the heatsinking, trust me, this light runs HOT when its zoomed out

For my build, I played cheat and used a bunch of singapore 1 cent coins (made mainly of copper) stacked against the back

Sadly though, it seems to lose a lot of light upon zooming out, probably need larger asperics as the sk98 is still too small, ive moved my mtg2 from the sk98 to a smiling shark sse7 (ultrafire z5 1x 28650 clone), aspheric is now 28mm instead of 20mm

Its a hollow pill, so I filled the entire length of with thermal paste and stacks of 1 cent coins :smiley:

It seems to throw slightly better, have you ever considered shaving the mtg2?

Thanks :slight_smile:
I saw your topic, good work. I would only replace/modify switch because stock has relatively high resistance and over the time resistance will increase. My idea of building MT-G2 pocket zoomie was only massive flood so I have no need for shaving or dedoming . To me, zooming is just an option if I need a bit of extra throw. For pocket thrower I have sk98 with dedomed XP-G2 which was before dedomed XM-L2 and in the near future it will be dedomed XP-E2 for max range. About sse7… I saw how xm-l looks under 28mm aspheric. It just looks like it have more throw but that is just illusion because lens has longer focal length (even more light is wasted) thus spot looks smaller. For best light efficiency host had to be reflector based with AR lens (something like convoy S series with SMO lens for truly pocketable lumen monster).

Yeah can’t compare with an XP-G2 or E2… Maybe using special optical lenses? (Ahortons?)

I guess there’s not one light that can do all, I tried putting it into a convoy m2 before, it had great hotspot, but i still prefer the versatility of zoom aspheric hosts… still, even with 20%~ or so loss having 2000+ lumens in a small package still isn’t really a bad thing :slight_smile:

I’m becoming a big fan of dedomed XPG2 in small aspherics…. reasonable flood with great throw.

XML2 or MTG2 in aspherics… not as much. You get great flood with the option to goto spot mode for some slight additional throw when needed. It’s a reasonable compromise, but you’d never carry a light like that for throw.

Yeah i agree too… i dedomed a xpe from a random light lying around and put it into an SK98, surprisingly it threw really well, the beam is pencil thin and it flew pretty far, and when un-zoomed it floods reasonably well…

You can always unscrew lens and have 100% light efficency :bigsmile:

I have a domed XPE2 on hand. I’m not using it because the dedomed XPG2s I was playing with have better throw.

I guess I might as well dedome the XPE2 and see how it is. Now that I’ve got the hang of dedoming shouldn’t be hard to do.

can you please put your video on you tube and post a link to it.
so that i can see it. thanks, i can’t see it here
great work…

Both of the vids are posted…wonder why you can’t see em

Here is the first video in the OP

I feel I am missing the explanation of how you are giving it enough current to need the copper heat transfer parts. From the Cree site, 3 A at 6 V. There doesn’t seem to be enough 7135s and maybe not enough batteries for that.