MT-G2 vs. XP-G2 Lopsided comparison? You be the judge

I decided to take a few beamshots tonight in the house. Just for chits and grins. 3 lights. 2 MT-G2s and 1 with the XP-G2. Doesn’t sound fair, does it?
The beamshots

The lights

A shot of their faces

Well, the Solarforce S2200 has a resistor mod, the Solarforce K3 has been pretty much rebuilt with 3 ounces of copper under the emitter and a hot rodded Qlite driver, but what about the XP-G2? Nothing fancy, no hot rodded drivers, nothing special really. Same 3 ounces of copper that the K3 has, but 3 XP-G2 R5 2B emitters on a Noctigon Triple board running in Direct Drive on an AW IMR18350 pulling 7A at start-up. It’s not really fair, with the S2200 making some 2800 lumens, the K3 a bit over 3000 and the poor little XP-G2 Triple a “measley” 1800 lumens. But look at the size difference in these 3 lights! That L2m shorty is a big surprise! Of course, it won’t last very long…4-6 minutes with that incredible output falling like a stone in a pond pretty much from the moment it’s turned on. But it’d be bright enough long enough to get ya in big trouble in a movie theater!!! lol

Made me locate your thread on your 3 XP-G2.

Wow! That little triple really holds it’s own. You can’t tell which beam shot is which light. Awesome!

Pretty sweet!

I can tell which is which, just because I have a lot of recent experience with what that triple TIR looks like. ;)

Kind of hard to wrap your brain around, the big lights you expect to make big output…the little lights, well they’re not so limited anymore! :wink:

It’s as much about the cell chemistry as anything, who would have thought that such a small cell as the 18350 would deliver 7A? IMR cells really make the little lights kick butt, and the big lights turn into monsters! By the way, the K3 is running on 2 Samsung 20R cells but it’s regulated, no longer in direct drive as that was pretty excessive.

Nice shots and very nice lights. I'll guess S2200, K3, and triple emitter.

Spot on 4Wheelr, the S2200 is the most capable of throw with some controlled hot spot due to that massive reflector. The K3 is just a great wall of light, having more power and output in total than the S2200 but putting it on a wide angle. The Triple is a big hot spot with little spill, thanks to the Carclo 10507 optics. I really wanted the Ledil triple, but couldn’t find it anywhere yet. Was surprised at this Carclo!

I have an MT-G2 on Noctigon coming for my M8, can’t wait to convert it! That hybrid reflector looks good on the big emitter, preliminary tests (holding the hybrid reflector on top of the light engine in the K3) show a nice beam profile. I have the QLite modded, dug out the second battery tube and baked it to match the rest of the light and am ready to go….if that order from Intl-Outdoor would ever get here!!!

When will the outside shots be posted? :wink:

it’s cold outside! So, lets see, May 7th, 2014? lol

Me and cold disagree. Y’all might not think 54º is all that bad, but the first cold spell of the year I’m not ready for it. 111º baby here.

I’ll do what I gotta do when the MT-G2 comes in for my M8. :slight_smile:

You have 3 heaters to test and you wont test them outside? :_(

Some incredibly nice lights ya got there. :wink:

Thanks for the shots!

It is not fair comparing big lights to little lights, the little ones will always win ;-) . Take a small light with a good emitter and driven hard. Now you want twice as much light (as in: what you perceive with your eyes), so that is four times the amount of lumens. But because bigger emitters need bigger reflectors to get the same beam, the light is even more than 4 times as big.

And of course you should compare lights with the same runtime.

But I am way too serious here , great comparison, and that is a seriously epic drop-in you made

The third beamshot is the 3xXP-G2?


Always nice to see comparisons like these..

For people who says its cold at around 12C/55F.. You need hotter flashlights to help keep you warm, but considering the heat from that little light, im not sure what to say to you DBCstm. :D

When that is said, these shots shows the differences very good for being indoor shots. Keep up the good work! :)

I’ve shot the 2 really big lights in a thread already posted, Lakeside Beamshots. Along with a few other throwers that are hitting out around 475 yds in those pics.

Comparing the triple TIR optics to dedicated throwers really won’t be fair, but I will see about getting some comparative shots to other lights it’s size. Perhaps not in my usual setting though. The large hot spot produced by the optics grows with distance, making it not nearly so impressive out past 50 yds. So each tool has a purpose. Let the power go out when you’re in a parking garage, or just find a large stairwell in such a place with a bulb burned out, and this little baby will really shine!

And let’s face it, there’s just not an easy way to carry an S2200 in your pocket.

It goes to prove the old adage, ‘even the small flashlights in the big old Lonestar State of TX are big!’ :star:


^ I kick a few crumbs his way, he follows me around and cheers for me. What can I say? :stuck_out_tongue:

Worked out quite nicely! :slight_smile:

Cool. If the lights names Dan be very careful. l heard that his bite is dangerous.

Yep, dangerous in that you want more of his work! Now I’ve got to have a chopped D Mag, and who knows what’ll be next? :slight_smile: