MTE Light Mini-Review BRIGHT

Another very smelly 1st post. It's funny how I've read the very same story before on cpf and youtube.

Very nice light, which I had one of them. Its hardly a budget light at that price though.

I take it we could call the DX version the budget light as its half price of original.

Why not start off my flashlight addiction with a review on a flashlight?

DX as in dealextreme? Sure it is a little more expensive than the ordinary, but the small price difference makes this a great competitor.

I have seen vids from him when he tests out his lights, and he also seems to be the only legitimate dealer in the US. According to some of the responses on the other side he seems to have good CS as well. Please post pics of the light with others as im sure many of us would like to see them. My only light from MTE was an AA single celled P4 SSC. Was'nt as bright as lets say a P4 but the beam profile was smooth.

I was going to surprise you guys with the pictures, but I can't get my camera back until a couple of days. Yep, his communication with me was excellent, and the shipping was fast.

I'll keep you guys posted on the pictures though. I'll even include some of them mounted on my M4.

Cool and i also forgot to mention the great mini to find that MTE somewhere.


You can buy it from the guy himself here:

It was at the bottom of the review.

Congrats with your new lights! Im sure you're going to have a lot of fun with them, As long as the current reviews are positive, dont be afraid to buy counterfeit lights from dx and other places, Armed with a soldering iron, you'll find that most of these lights are very easy and fun to mod.

Here are some pictures of the P7-D mounted on my M4. Sorry it took awhile, I am extremely busy and just recently found my camera.

Let me know what you guys think.

Personally, I love this thing.

Nice M4 you got there 555Fan. I had a bunch of pistols and rifles when I lived in Alaska mostly for hunting but nothing like your M4. I had to sell all of them and all my other toys before moving here. It felt like having to give up children......but worse. Cry

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Isn't that a MTE M3-2I mounted to that rifle since it has got tir optics instead of a reflector? (Head and body looks like a M3-2I and the tailcap looks to be from a P7-D)

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Sharp eyes there - I hadn't noticed the TIR till you pointed it out.

It's a P7-D, but with the TIR Optic for durability with the tactical head.. Good luck breaking that!

How did you get that light? Is it some kind of special order item or did you put it together yourself? Forgive me for asking so many quastions, but does it use a SSC P7 or Cree MC-E LED?

I have one of the supposedly inauthentic DX versions of the M3-2I and it is a really good light. I was about to get the supposedly authentic version because of the CR123A support but shipping to my country is a killer.

Nope, I asked Greg about it and he said he could put that head together for me because I didn't want it breaking on me. He is really good with customer service.

It uses the SSC P7.

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@556Fan: I have always wondered how a SSC P7 would perform using Ledil Iris optics for MC-E, does your hybrid light produce a nice beam or are there any artifacts? From my limited experience with these optics and MC-E emitters I'd say that the beam profile I'd expect from it is a very large uniform spot with absolutely no spill. How does its beam pattern work out when using it as a weaponlight? Sorry to flood you with all these quastions, but I really like TIR based flashlights and I'am looking for an excuse to get a third one, lol

There is nothing I cannot break. I used to be a chemist so, like most male chemists, there was a strong minor in things that went "boom". I once had to break a safe - an attempted robber had emptied a Type 56 magazine into the lock and had left enough crud in it that the key wouldn't work any more. If you can break one of those you can break most things.

As an engineer I knew used to say about divers, "You can seal a diver naked in a saturation chamber with two 2" steel ball bearings. Within the hour, he'll have broken one and lost the other."

The beam has a lot of flood, but it's still very bright towards the center, and a little bit dimmer torwards the edge, and then it fades off a bit if you know what I mean. The beam is very large, and at close ranges, it is great as a weapon mounted light, since it floods the whole room, leaving no dark spots behind, perfect, since you want to see everything in that room. It's a great light for weapon mounting and room flooding, but it is still decently bright a far ranges from the shear brightness of it. If you want extremly concentrated lights at far ranges, get the MTE M-2. It has an adjustable head that offers a PERFECT circle of light, the middle of the beam is just as bright as the edge, and can be focused down to the LED, which is like a rectangle, with a smaller rectangle at the side of it. That can light up a garage door, and only the garage door, all the way down the street(hehe). It's very bright, and when pointed in the sky, it makes a beam, almost like you have a light-sword in your hands.

I'm a bit of a pyro too. I love the 4th, but I don't deal with actual major explosives. The TIR is made of Lexan, so it's very strong for it's size and thickness.