Mtech MT-987 Flipper ( Test / Review )

So I have been Ho-Humming over Mtech for some years now .
And Trolling Feebay I spied this one ( MT-987 ) going for a decent price with free ship .
WOW ! The seller Express posted it to me , = Thank you !

About the knife ( Initial thoughts )
The blade runs on bushes … & is a very poor flipper .
In fact the flipper design is so bad I tore my fingernail trying to flip the blade out !
Hmmmm , maybe just use the thumb studs !!!
Over all , the design is solid / straight / with no slop - play . Locks up well .
I did , dis asseble the knife and tighten the liner lock … Cos it hardly locks ( indent - blade closed ) , and does not offer enough resistance for flipping ( Indent ) .
So = Locks solid open
But the ball indent does not lock the blade closed nor offer enough resistance for flipping .
The blade / factory edge slices paper well enough .
But there will be no rope slice today as it’s windy as , and raining . ( + Super Humid )

As a thumb stud opening knife it works as long as you like the slow roll …
For $25 bananas to my door , it’s ok .
The spine is rounded so wont do anything to your ferrite rod .
If the steel ( blade ) is average , then this might be a worthwhile budget knife .
Just have to wait and see what the rope has to say about that .\_b3kchiEYXE

Factory edge cuts rope …

Edge started feeling it @ 50 slices .
Started of like a laser scalpel , but after ten slices performance took a dive .
Hard fail was at 200 slices , but it struggled to get there .
Well , at least it hung in there ………….
On the wet stone grinder the bevel was not the worst I have seen this year .
If anything it was actually above average .
Though it still needed cleaning up …

Wet Stone Grinder edge : …………….

The steel is 3cr13mov
With a freshly ground edge …. I got a 350 Fail …… This is up from the factory 200 Fail
The edge did not roll , but just slowly wore away … ( Nice )

I have to say , 350 slices from $25 shipped to my door ( Express at that ) …
That’s a lot of knife for the money .
THe edge stropped back nicely …
Looks like Mtech knows how to cook powdered steel !
I would never have imagined this knife would be chasing D2 …
So the knife has gone past average performance to good performance . ( It’s a shocker )