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That’s terrific!

I wish — hope — that you can make triples with some BLACK S3s.
Just don’t care for the grey.

Received my beloved TPAD quad MCPCB with 4 nichias on it, now my quad convoy M2 is running full!

Thank you a lot RMM as always it’s been a pleasure to do business with you

Any chance you’ll start carrying some of the single cell boost drivers that have started popping up on various Chinese sites?

Something like the H1A maybe?

H1-A and H2-C both look interesting

Big thanks Richard, refunded the added shipping for the extra order i added for some switches. A pleasure to deal with, great guy all round

Possibly. Those are a dang good deal, and the H1A is really really close to what I was going to build anyways, but I could never touch that price point. They are even using the same IC, even though they scratched the markings off LOL (TPS61088).

I’d pay double that to get 4 amps output, Bistro, and RMM customer service.

That board improved that way would sound tempting to me too.
Maybe modding those boards up to that better level could be worthwhile business?

When hardware has the markings scratched off, I always wonder, how long will they keep using the good stuff and is it likely that cheaper parts will be substituted eventually, with the same scratch-off obscuring any later change in what’s being used. Or does scratched-off identification mean they’re using some off-spec, seconds/rejects, of course …

Got my JAXMAN E2L host in the mail yesterday. Very nice light! I like the integrated LED shelf like on the bigger convoy lights. Threads are top notch as well.

Do be careful to read the build notes Richard put on his website though. I had to drill out the center hole a bit (I used a #27 drill), and had to file down the noctigon board quite a bit in order to get it to drop in. Once all that was done though the light fits together great. I also bypassed the tail spring with some copper braid.

Unfortunately I forgot I needed thermal paste so will have to get some of that this afternoon before I can power it on.

Got my pair of Jaxman EL2 hosts in the main yesterday also.

I found two extra tailswitches in the box — are they different from the ones installed in the tailcaps?

MTN LITEbar System Overview - Brightest Light Bars
Video posted on YT

Nice work Richard.

Just got my 17mm Qlite Guppydrv firmware driver, and soldering braid yesterday. Thanks for the ultra fast service Richard, it got to me in 2 days. Got it installed and what a difference it makes over the standard 6*7135 convoy driver, its almost like a night and day difference in brightness.

just put together all the P60 parts i received last week. For some reason this one is super bright! XP-L HI v3 3c quad with bistro. Draws 18A at the tail with VTC6!

I have multiple XPL HI quads and the most I got is from a Convoy M2 with the same driver/LEDS…12A. This is one hell of a hot rod! But why is this one so much brighter?!?

same battery?

To be fair, “XP-L quad” and “super bright” are frequently just a few words apart. They’re practically synonyms.

Same battery…VTC6.

yes xpl quad are usually “super bright”…but damn this one knocks out all the quads i have! Easily over 4000 lumens at turn on.

4.5 amps per led seems fine .

Check driver wires and bypasses in your other setups . Could be the fet too , but not such a big difference .

same drivers, batteries and LEDs…the only difference is the host. I love it, but i wish all the other quads are this bright!

Probably less resistance through the host, and possibly lower vF on that batch of LEDs.

Out of caution, however, I would want to make sure that the LEDs are getting proper heatsinking---does the amp draw rise significantly after turn on? That is a bigger variance than I would normally expect.

Thanks! It is really hard for me to find the time to make videos, etc., but I'm trying to get better about it and set some time apart each week to work on it. Unfortunately it is usually late at night when I'm pretty tired. Can you tell?