MTN Electronics processing time

How long does it usually take RMM to build and ship drivers? It says up to 10 days on his website…

I’ve never forgotten something would be coming, and I’ve never worried that something wouldn’t come when it was ready, if that helps.
I follow his thread here to catch up every week or two, so I’m usually aware to the extent he’s posted about what may be affecting his work — things like, oh, waiting for parts, or having many pending orders, or having a new baby, or moving his website, or taking exams, or … whew.

I think he usually doesn’t take long enough.
My stuff always shows up before I expect it.

Dagnabbit, the guy ought to get some sleep sometime ….

What a brilliant sentence that is Hank.

I usually have a similar point of view and I’ve never had any issues, package has been at my door before I thought it would have been shipped. But it’s been 2 weeks since my order and I haven’t got a reply to my private message either :~

Drivers take time to build and test by hand, one at a time with your specific requirements… Multiply that by say 50 a week for example. I have always got my order in a reasonable amount of time. RMM is the best out there -

I would say send a message to his work email instead of PM. That is usually faster because Lisa can respond as well, and he falls behind on PM’s when he is busy.

(at least, I try not to distract him here while I’m hoping he’s working on MY order … of course once I get that, I’m back to asking questions in his topic)

Thanks will do

Yeah I understand that, and I agree he is awesome! I’m just being impatient, really excited to get my order :bigsmile:

He’s pretty much always shipped by the end of the times quoted on his website, and has been awesome at communication any time I’ve contacted him.

Repeat of all that’s been said above. Yes, he get’s behind with all that’s going on in his personal life which has been a lot recently but he does get back to you typically within a day or so if you have a question and I agree that emailing is the better way to contact them. Lisa responds to my emails nearly as often as Richard and both are as prompt and courteous as they can be. Custom orders might take a while right now as they just moved and are getting back on track. I wish Richard would give up all this personal life nonsense and stick to the store! :wink: