MTN Electronics to the top

I have to say NOTHING but good things with my experience in his store. Awesome service and communication. You can tell he loves what he does. Definitely on my elite list of vendors. A level btw that can only be reached by domestic dealers. What can I say? I hate waiting for the mail man.

PS: I did think of something negative… I don’t have as much money as I did a week or so ago :_(

Your addiction is making you twitch ?

You can get a fix without a hitch

He's got flashlights galore

In his online store

He's a member here , his name is Rich

With his shipping there's never a glitch

He has carved out a truly great niche

Can you do it yourself ?

He's got parts on a shelf

To take care of your modding itch

I ordered several items from them. Like you all was good. But…………………….I was blow away by how he packages everything to ship. He actually had a small box that had he inserted foam, cut out foam like a mini pelican case, and put the items. Then he put this custom cardboard “pelican packed” box into another bubble envelope for shipping. I was impressed someone took the time to make each its own little cut out. Keep in mind some of this stuff was not expensive items.

This may not be good and the package should contain a warning.

Id have a heart attack. A business acting in a way that makes you think you want to deal with these people again …its …unbelievable.

I organize the bookmarks in my flashlight stores folder by how much I like/trust each store. I have 65 bookmarks and Mountain Electronics is at the top. When I need a part, I start searching from the top and work my way down.

Nice! I like it. :wink:

Richard is da man. A+

Agreed. Mountain Electronics is AWESOME!!! :party:

A true fellow flashlight enthusiast, BLF’er and modder who also has a great online shop. I know of no other online flashlight shops that offer modding services like him.

I give him credit for going to law school and running his business like a well oiled machine. I love the buying/modding options also.

Yes, the service is second to none, but seriously, he buys those boxes with the foam pre-cut. If he had to sit there with an Exacto-knife making cutouts he'd have to be institutionalized.