Mule Light

Just ran across this, a re-useable and “forever” glowstick!

High intensity glow paint, hit it with a burst of light every 4 minutes, shut down the light, 300+ hours of run time


I would probably just buy the glow stick by itself to use with a flashlight i already have.

Yeah…same here…nice thing about it though, if say you hung it up or something, it’s got an auto timer to keep hitting it with light and “recharging” it as the glow paint runs out

I use the same kind of stuff on my night sites on my pistol…hit it with a flashlight for 4-5 seconds glows incredibly bright for 15-20 min, still visible for up to an hour after but that first 15-20 min.

I like the idea of a special mode for use with this material, I’m thinking in making a diffuser using glow inc V10 powder

Run that by JohnnyC, I’m sure there is, if they can write it to change modes after 120 seconds, I am sure they can write a pretty simple one for the ATtiny and a Nanjg 105C to be off for 120sec then pop on for 4, then back off ~ repeat

Somehow I can’t see that being any more efficient than a light with a good moonlight mode. Its a neat idea though, and I wonder if its possible to vary the glow of it by changing the pulse timer.

I had thought up a very similar type of thing using a UV flashlight. My concept was to mix V10 glow powder with clear two ton epoxy and coat a piece of clear acrylic cut into a diffuser for a 4Sevens MiNi AA with the emitter swapped for a UV one. Cycle through the modes to the beacon setting then leave it there. You’ll never see the beaconing pulse but the glow powder should brighten every time it does. V10 already does a great job of glowing through the night so the UV kick would just ensure that it’s still bright just before sunrise.

Amazing how much the uv light lights these up .

Thanks to this thread now I know way more than I ever wanted to know about phosphorescence

for $17 i think i might try one - seems interesting!

There’s also the Chromalit remote phosphor and a royal blue LED. I bought the lantern from Costco for $20.00. I’m thinking about getting another to modify since getting the phosphor alone requires purchasing a large quantity. The 50mm dome would be nice to have. :smiley:

I tried to order a glowstick ($6) and they want $5 for shipping. That is a deal breaker!

I eventually ordered a few of these. link incase anyone is interested too.

Probably not too hard to make your own

Would just need some clear PVC, some of the super glow powder, and some of that hobby encapsulant epoxy resin, when you mix the resin, just add a scoop or two of the glow powder and pour it in the clear pvc (or a cylinder die you can retrieve the hardened encapsulated glow powder)…viola
2oz for $7

Oooh…imagine painting the inside of that dome with a bit of that encapulant, then “dusting” the inside of the dome and let harden, I wonder what the residual “glow” would look like

With some of this
White Bright Time Glow Paint

How I’d do it is to take 3/8” clear acrylic rod, drill a 3/16” hole into it, mix two part epoxy with glow powder and fill the void left by the hole. It’s actually much easier to do than to describe.

By drilling a hole in the rod, it is no longer clear. A pre-made tube is a lot better IMO.

It is no longer clear, but, it is frosted. It doesn’t matter anyway since the glow powder isn’t clear neither and the end result is the same. If it bothers you and you have to have it clear before applying the epoxy and glow powder mix you can always pour acetone into the hole then pour it out after a minute and blow dry it. The acetone will dissolve the acrylic and smooth it out enough to make it clear. I don’t think it will make a bit of difference when it is all done.

Alternatively, you can apply the epoxy and glow powder mix to the outside of the acrylic rod. Won’t be as smooth or nice, though.

I like that nice smooth glow paste it makes with silicon…I use glowon paint to paint my emitter bases in my zoomies to give them a glow after shutting off the LED, but that is very consistent and smooth looking (glowon dries kinda lumpy)

I decided to whip this up really quickly. I didn’t use enough glow powder so it doesn’t glow all that brightly (1:20, approximately) but you get the idea.

Nice…how much glow powder do you recommend? I guess the more the brighter huh