Mule Light

Yes, the more the better. I’ve already thought of a refinement of this design that will use less powder and epoxy and should glow brighter. This one is about 2 1/8” in length and about 3/4” in diameter.

So about a 1/4” hole drilled down the center?

Yes, a 1/4” hole down almost the entire length.

What is that one on the right?

Not bad with the hole down the center on the left but the one on the right…wow!

It’s a 1” acrylic rod turned down to 3/4” then a 1/2” hole bored into it almost all the way through. Then I put the two parts of epoxy into it up to about 3/8” and another 1/4” worth of glow powder. Mix up well then push in a plug that goes almost the entire length of the cavity and seals the end. The glow layer is about 1/16” thick and slightly thicker at the end opposite the plug. The wall thickness of the outer acrylic part is about 3/16” and this gives the illusion that it’s thinner as seen from the side.

I received my mule light yesterday.

I have to say - I am quite impressed! I was expecting something more cheapy cheap feeling.

The body is made of a composite plastic/rubber shell and is quite study. I would not be worried about dropping this light.

The UI is pretty simple. Click once and the light comes on. Press and hold down the button while off until the light flashes and it will enter the first “Mule” mode, this will turn the flashlight on for a few seconds every 2 minutes. Press and hold the switch while off until the light flashes twice and this will enter the second “mule” mode, this will turn the flashlight on for a few seconds every 4 minutes.

The flashlight itself puts out around 200-300 lumens of floody cool white light (around 5800k to my eyes).

The glow stick is held in place firmly and securely by 2 rubber bands.

I had my mule light on “full” mode (flashlight always on) for about 5 minutes last night. The glow stick glowed for 8 hours after!!

The glow stick provides enough light to read a map or see about 5-10 feet in front of you with night adjusted eyes.

The light came with 3 batteries.

All in all - a cool light!


Ill take some tonight/tomorrow :slight_smile:

Can you tell me the dimensions of the glow stick by itself? Can’t seem to find that on their site.

This is what’s become of the stick I’ve made:

Compared with a good moonlight, with this one you know that it wont suddenly turn off. Thats interesting in an emergency situation.

My “problem” with this idea is the light coming back at your eyes since the glow stick emits in 360*, is the light’s body wide enough to block the light from your eyes and make it so you can’t see the stick directly when pointing it forward?