Multi-fuel body for flashlight project

Idea is not new, expanders are used everywhere and by everyone, but here it is in the back cover so that all the additional parts are together. those. the only modification that is new here is the back cover, which has its own thread on both side

it turns out that you need to control the flashlight either by turning the head, or by a button in the head

If we need 2 * AA (1.5V + 1.5V), then we connect everything together, putting section C in the middle (there is a center diameter of 15 mm so that the batteries are centered)

if we need 18670 or 2 * 18350, then we connect sections A and B behind the head, and attach section C after the back cover (D)

If we need to use 1 * 123, then after the head we put secuity A (or B), then the back cover and the remaining sections for it

At the same time, the open ends of unused sections have a thread inside, so it will not deteriorate when bumped or dropped. for the same reason, it is better to make stainless steel or thick aluminum

I think that the main application will be 1 * 18670, and depending on the circumstances, it will be possible to use 1 * 123 or 2 * AA

And can also make a short version so that you can use 1 * AA or 1 * 123 or 2 * 123 (1 * 18670) - this section 37 mm + 2 section 16 mm + tailcap section, but then we need to use 2 drivers in one head - 0.5-3.0V and 3.0-8.5V having a toggle switch, or one driver 0.5-8.5V, it is possible, but its development will cost a lot of money

The main minus of this lamp, I see how much metal, that is, the mass, but it is necessary so that you can use different batteries + you can consider it like Yawara for self defense

  • if you use it for 1 * 123 for a long time, then wood lice and spider can settle in the rear tubes

in general, the thought came to my mind when I remembered the old game that I had in my childhood, where I had to move an empty cell to get the correct sequence,

Great idea, but I think it’s much more interesting to see what you can do with a single tube, like the Protac 90. Otherwise there’s little advantage over having a different tube for each cell, like the Armytek lights

i think need very long springs in head and tailcap + centering flat springs (if the body is for 2 * AA and at the same time for 1 * 123 and 1 * 18650), like a sheath bayonet knife, it’s unreliable and a lot of trouble with the manufacture

or place the structure of those 4 compartments inside a large compartment with insulated walls, then it will be possible to use the end switch, but at the same time, it is necessary to preserve the thread on these 4 compartments, so that when replacing the battery they all do not scatter around, it will increase a lot and it will look like a club

it’s not quite a EDC lantern, where lightness and convenience are most important, this design is more likely for those who can find themselves in places where fresh 18650 are difficult to find, or in places where they have not heard about 18650, but there are personal stock 123, or in places where it’s very rarely even AA)) for the latter option, it is desirable to have an eneloop box and a solar battery or manual dynamic flashlight and a few spare bulbs

Interesting idea.

I’d add a “part F”, though: a small threaded cap to protect the exposed thread at the back (and keep spiders / woodlice out :slight_smile: ).

Phlogiston good back cap idea

I see Protac 90 not used 16340 in specifications, has anyone tried using 16340 in him?