MULTI METER choice,,UK,Recommend please

Hi all,Ive been looking at multi meters.Im not in anyway an electrician or have any real knowledge of electrical testing.I wondered is ther a Multi Meter thats simple to use.One that covers our hobby/intrest.Which is a good starter version with some good instructions,easy to use and pritty inexspensive.Im in UK BTW.

Many Thanks

i got one of these


seems pretty accurate, hasnt let me down yet and is definatly a budget price :slight_smile:

That one ady linked looks perfect Brian, search over. Don’t worry about instructions, just pop round and we’ll go through it. 8)

I know that you said inexpensive and I guess this isn’t but it depends on what you are comparing to. This is a great budget way into a genuine Fluke, albeit a china market only one…

I suggested a fluke, or a megger, but you are talking big bucks, just to check cell voltage and current draw….

Thanks folks,saves me a few quid indeed.Looks as ya say,perfect for whats required.


Nearly bought this.They have a few other related items.\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649


But that’s a budget Fluke and still seems to have most of the features a normal low end fluke has.
I’ve been using a pair of 435s recently to monitor 3ph input and output transients, that was pretty cool, think the company paid around 10k for the pair with all the accessories I needed :open_mouth: figured they might notice if I didn’t hand them back tho lol

Yep, looks a good meter, I agree, your company may notice if ten grand of equipment goes missing, shame :bigsmile:

Cheers again fellas.Bought Adys £4.57 one.Leaves more till for an impulse buy project i started this afternoon.Two small suns for a mod project.They will need some bits buying.

Ta v much


Thanks again pal,I also had ya price beet with this,but how the … do ya make this,pack it,post it for less than £3\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

Visions of small children in dark rooms for 20hrs adayor black to black,red to red,blue to smitherines….