Multi mode forward clicky that remembers mode when using the momentary on function?

Just got a Shiningbeam P-rocket in the mail, awesome light, but using its momentary on function makes it cycle through intensity modes - I need a similar light that keeps the same intensity mode when using the momentary on function, e.g. I want to be able to do quick bursts at pre-set intensities.

A Thrunite 3 mode XP-G drop-in for a P60 will work if you put a forward clicky in the P60 as well.

I mention this specific combination because I have that and it works as you would like.

In effect it has memory with no time required for that to take effect. I just tested it before posting.

You and use the momentary feature as often as you like and it will come on in the mode you had it in. It changes modes only if you rapidly use the momentary feature several times with no pause.

Pause at all and it stays in whatever mode you want. Press if very rapidly and it changes modes and then remembers whatever mode you stop in.

If you just use the momentary feature every second (or longer) then it doesn’t change modes.

Shiningbeam sells the Blaze which sets mode separately from power switch.

Gotcha, will try to return it for a Blaze then! Too bad, great light otherwise.

I have just built a new driver firmware (lupodrv) which allows mode locking: You have standard modes, but if you rapidly tap 5 times (<0.2s), the mode gets locked and it won’t change any more - unless you do that again.
Modes are programmable (from 16 brightness levels, strobe, beacon), the number of modes is configurable by the user, also memory setting (no-memory, classic memory, short-cycle memory).
I’m in the final testing phase of that driver. Will apply to NANJG105C or NANJG101AK1.

This budget light does just that,

also available at DX for $12

see thread: