Multiple flashlights

This question is just to satisfy my curiosity :) From time to time I notice some people buying 4 or 5 inexpensive lights when they first come out whether that's a special offer from DD or any other dealer or BLF special builds or just new models coming out at DX.

Are there some people on here that are resellers of flashlights where it wouldn't be obvious from just reading their posts or are there some on here who just have hundreds of flashlights?

I'm not questioning the judgment or decision making here :) We all like lights and we all participate in this hobby is differing ways.

I'm just curious as to what people are doing with 4 or 5 copies of the same discount light especially when they seem to buy 4 or 5 copies of every light that comes out. I can't even put usernames to those who do this (can't remember). I've just noticed it on here and on CPF from time to time and I just wondered if those were resellers.

I myself have bought 2 or 3 of the same lights and gave the extras away as gifts. That's probably what most do.

Some do buy to stock their stores (outdoor, hunting etc) with alternatives to the more expensive domestic offerings. Great way to spread the hobby and nothing wrong with making a couple of bucks at the same time.

Thanks. I was just curious. Definitely nothing wrong with it :)

Because I have a neighbour who'll want one as soon as he sees it, and he has a friend who'll want one when he sees's much simpler if I buy a few to sell on in the first place.

I'm a gifter as well. as for the special editions i might be gifting myself some backups too in case it's a one time only, limited run.

Dx sells 3 for about 15~ 20% cheaper a 14$ light becomes 11.50.. if you buy 3 for $34.50 and sell 2 for 17$ you have a free light .

My opinion on any hobby is if you can't figure out how to make it pay for it's self you aren't really trying. Same thing with cars , guns , motorcycles etc. there is no reason to create a huge money pit .If i were a wife I'd raise hell as well.Granted this isn't a terribly expensive hobby compared to a foreign sports car collecting hobby .The good thing is all guys are into flashlights some just more than others .This way you get to be like a junkie .

Agreed 100%

But mixing $$ profit into hobby is not something which i'd recommend. It absolutely kills the hobby. I have been a photographer for nearly 9 years now and it's like managed to pay for my house so it seems like it is a bed of roses, but now I absolutely hate cameras and taking pictures. I even abhor tourists trusting their point-n-shoot cams to me asking me to "hey take a picture". I even told some of them "Hey, i am a camera idiot. Sorry."

I am also in the IT line and been around for 14 years, well now i sort of hate gadgets, but luckily not too much. I really don't understand wth people love iphones and imac, ipads etc.

I also operate a retail store doing apparels. Maybe i'll hate clothes soon! LOL!

I agree. If I started trying to make flashlights pay for themselves by selling lights to friends I'd end up hating flashlights and I also wouldn't have any friends :)

+1 thats a really good philosophy...

Like you said this is a fun enjoyable but still budget hobby. I like my black coated SRM710 it cost like $8, I have a Sipik flashlight with the zoom, that was $11 shipped, so it wont break the bank, but I get a lot of enjoyment.

Still I like to really research and read up before I order anything, at any price level, otherwise its like wasting money if it just sits.

In perspective a full tank of gas for my Accord is like $60 :(

I work in IT as well; when I get home, the last thing I want to do is work on my own (decidely homebuilt) PC. I just installed a RAM upgrade and as simple as that was, did not enjoy it!

Another example; I got into making some simple holsters for a while. I made a few for myself, and then made a few for others. I made a bit of money doing it, but it's just not as enjoyable when your best work ends up in someone else's hands.

I've never experianced what you're talking about ..I've burnt myself out on my hobby before but so does everyone . Not because i sold what I had for a hobby.maybe it has something to do with expectations. I have some real need for a flashlight in my life . I like learning what I like and then sharing that experiance with others .the fact that they pay a bit for my knowledge is just part of the deal .if I'm right i'm a hero and people are happy ..If I'm wrong i'm a bum and avoid me and what i'm selling. Being a hard nose critic is an important aspect to creating future projects ..Building a BLF light has always had great appeal to me .Sadly vendors who see customers with money only as an opportunity to rip someone off makes creating something interesting much more difficult .

Maybe it's the difference between a hobby and doing it for a living ...I don't think it's possible to make a living off of flashlights .there has to be a million better ways to make money other than lights.i give a lot of credit to battery junction ,shining beam , going gear etc .. tough business w/ lousy profit margins .,

I think it's the same for many. I used to really enjoy the technical stuff I did, figuring things out, solving problems, but now that I get paid for it, ugh.

I used to have boxes full of comp parts, but after I built a few for other people when they asked, I started buying dells.