Multiple MT-G2 - Has anyone done it or is anyone planning on doing it soon?

Just what the title says, is anyone doing a multiple MT-G2 light? Or has it been done somewhere? I am curious how the build was/will be done.

I would love to see you convert your SRK into a three MT-G2 light ...

I think comfychair is attempting a srk triple mt-g2 or so his avatar suggests.

This would probably make a good host for a 3 MT-G2…

Well, I missed that I guess. Good, I was hoping someone would do it. I don’t want to have to be the one. That would be an expensive light.

I'm just interested to see how it's done, parallel or series, driver, etc.

Here is the thread.

He ended up using XM-L2 it seems…
Probably better suited for the reflectors used. Some very awesome work in that thread btw!

I have a feeling we will see more MT-G2 stuff in the future. Once intl-outdoor gets them + copper MCPCBs in stock more people will probably try them out.

I think the main problem is finding a good reflector. Or building a suitable one for multiple emitters, which is though work!
The lustefire (posted by flomotion) is probably one of the better hosts… But I would not be the one to mess up a perfectly fine reflector… Lots of work making it decent again if that should happen.
But then again, all this sounds like a nice project for Old-Lumens! :wink:

Here is a light that I have in the design stage... would this work?? I might machine it and let you finish it!!???

Again... it's in design stage so it will morph! Do you know what the surface area would be for proper cooling ??

AND.... Another head design... No Body, No Bezel... just some added details.

What was it I read a day or so ago... anything is possible...depending on how crazy you really are?? I was NORMAL until I found OL!!! Ha! Dan

10 square inches per watt…

I never even saw the thread, because of the P60 title, since I don’t play with P60 much. I missed a good thread.

Dan, I think you’re getting crazier by the minute.Wink It’s different and it’s unique. With your machining skills, I do think about anything is possible.

Oh, good thing he didn’t go that way then. I didn’t want to be the messenger that made O-L shy away from a mod!

Never too late.

Among the things learned are:
-Check out modding threads made by comfychair!
-Comfychair got skills!
-Never underestimate what you can use P60 reflectors for.

I really enjoy watching some more crazy/creative builds. :slight_smile:
Id guess I wont be the one, but I dare you guys out there to be the first one to make a good triple MT-G2 light! :wink:
I have not gone further than to think of a single MT-G2 build. So Im a little behind… :stuck_out_tongue:

If there should be a “reasonable” point in going beyond a single hard driven MT-G2 it would be for more output, and that would require some sick reflector/reflectors, and one fairly large host with good surface area (or maybe 3 large Maglites if your username is Old-Lumens?)
But Im sure “reasonable” is a word several modders don’t understand, which Im glad to see. :smiley:

is there a such thing as a 6V 15A+ triple driver?

OL you should build a nice 5x MTG 2 light, well… might as well make it a 9x MTG2 while were at it :stuck_out_tongue:

i believe that would be 100,000 chinese lumen!

This reflector works AWESOME with the MT-G2, despite what you'd assume just from the dimensions. Shaving off the threads from the head end will get them down to around 33mm OD. The emitter opening is just perfect for the MT-G2 dome, and it gives a tight center spot and nice smooth outer corona, without any goofy rings or other artifacts inbetween.

For the driver, in a SRK I don't think there is any other choice but the HBFlex, if you want to keep the momentary switch. And battery layout has to be changed around to 4S. Assume a Vf for 3 MTG in series of 6.2v ea. total 18.6v, and max input of 16.8v with fresh cells and 12v when they're flat. Wish there was a way to make the H6Flex work but the numbers just aren't compatible, sadly, unless someone were crazy enough to try it with the three LEDs in parallel.

Anything cobbled together with like three buck drivers each running one LED, I don't think it can be done with the momentary switch. In a different host, maybe.

When the LEDs are more readily available I am going to build another triple MT-G2 SRK with two battery tubes TIGged together end-to-end, to get the right battery config to allow use of the 6.6 amp-capable H6Flex...

How did you know I was going to do that? I wasn’t going to do 3 MT-G2, I was going to do 9 XM-L.Sealed

What is the advantage of using the MT-G emitter? I didn’t believe it was more efficient than the XM-L2 under heavy load is it? It is brighter per emitter, but that emitter surface area really kills its throw. Not that there is anything wrong with floody lights but you can always diffuse a thrower but not the other way around.

Using less emitters is really only an advantage so you can use bigger reflectors…i.e. a single SST-90 with 1 reflector vs 3 SST-50s to use an oldschool example. But with that huge surface area I believe that negates much of that advantage.

Whats the draw?

To me, dedicated throwers are a lot like Top Fuel dragsters - they do one not very practical, useful thing very very well. If you want to put a tiny little spot on something a half mile away just to say you did it, that's fine I guess, but then I think you'd really be happier with a laser instead of a flashlight.

The draw is to do something different and “just to do it”. I don’t use flashlights, I mod them. I do it just to do it.

MT-G2 has very tight tint binning (Cree calls it EasyWhite: 2 and 4 MacAdam step ellipses that are smaller than one of Cree’s ‘regular’ tint bin parallelograms), so you shouldn’t get stuck with nasty outlier tints.

I’ve read that the MT-G2 is an 8mm^2 die and roughly hexagonal. XM-L is 4mm^2. So surface brightness should be roughly on par with a first gen XM-L T6, maybe a little behind higher binned XM-Ls and the XM-L2?