Multiple TP4056 question.

Can two or three TP4056 be parallel connected both at the input and the output?

At the input seems doable; I have seen a topic where the inputs were parallel connected so one one of the two boards had to be connected to the 5 volt input.

However, it is not clear to me whether or not the output of two or three TP4056 boards could be parallel connected to two or more parallel connected cells. That is the question?

Yes. No problem.

Yes, no problem, to both questions.

It’s working quite nicely for me!

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Thanks. I couldn’t see how there could be any issues, but not being an expert I figured I should ask, just in case. Cool tin!

That’s cool to hear they can be paralleled like that. I figured they might confuse each other when one switches to CV before the other and such. Just seemed like it could get twitchy at that point and cause unusual glitches.

When one enters CV phase the other just shuts off, at least that’s how my pair behave