Must have budget lights.

What are your must have budget lights? I mean the lights that someone would be missing out by not owning. There are certain lights that are just too good for the money to miss.

Here are a few I own that I am over the top impressed with:

1. Solarforce L2P.
I have other P-60 lights and even other Solarforce lights but the wonderful HA3 anodizing makes this light feel like a million bucks!

2. Sky Ray King.
Nothing needs to be said. It is a powerhouse and a joy to use and own.

3. Thurnlite Ti.
The UI alone makes this one of the best 1 AAA on the market.

4. Pelican 1920.
Reliable, well made, bright, good runtime, clip, simple one mode forward clicky. My work EDC light, never let’s me down.

5. Olight Eos. The UI sucks and it’s slightly pricy by budget standards but pop in a 10440 and it will wow even non-flashlight people.

Any well driven C8 .

Without a doubt, the Sipik SK68! Super cheap, and super usefull. Don’t need any wierd lithium batteries for it either, just uses aa!

E1320 Modified UF-2100

HD2010, it has become my favorite light.
Basically has the beam of a Tk41 at 1/3 the cost and 1/2 the size.

TR-3T6 or TR-J12

Small Sun ZY-C10 anyone? :)

Apex 5T6 for flood
HD2010 for throw
Solarforce P60 host to lego stuff around, swap drop-ins. P60 modules are also a great way to get into DIY modding.
Zebralight headlamp
Fenix MC10, Energizer night strike or hard-case tactical lighting. Lights like these are great for hands-free trail lighting, body, MOLLE or pack strap mounted. Zebralights and spark headlamps can also do this.

Jacob A60 throws just as well.

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+1 a must have!!!


+4, it just feels awesome and works even better

RC T601 from Shiningbeam

If I had 3 18650 batteries and a hundred bucks to blow on lights, I would get

Hd2010 $38 at Tmart
XIN TD C8 for $30 at Intl-Outdoors I’d add $2 and get the Neutral White tint
S-Mini XP-G from Shiningbeam for $33.75 Here.
Ok, that totals $101.75, I’m over budget. But wow, those are three different-sized and very useful lights.

Just wondering. ’cause I’m kind of a newbie, why is the XinTD C8 so well recommended against other C8s like the Ultrafire C8 and Trustfire F15. the difference is the pill, right?

Ultrafire T-50.

So n00bs have an easier time, edit Sky Ray King to include Fandyfire UV-S5 in brackets?