Does anyone have this light ? What’s you take on it?

Think it´s not so much Keygos,more MXDL. Some of those are good $3 lights,some others has a beam that is to purple for me.Not tried the one you ask about.Anyone?


I had one of these before I gave it away. It's an ok light if you're on a tight budget.

I recall something like 5-10 lumens and a current draw of 100-150 mA.

I don't believe the luxeon part though. Mine had a generic chinese LED, looked like the one in this light.

DX got reviews on it!

Yep, I have it. It’s a great little light for the price. Tint is OK on mine. Nice size, and nice clip too.

I bought one and regretted spending about $3 on it. Dont like it at all. If I needed some budget light, I’d add $3 more and get a sk68 clone.

The MXDL was my first AAA light and I really like it. Tint is good on mine. Was annoyed when I lost it, then it turned up a few months later. :slight_smile: The Thrunite Ti has taken its place as my edc but I’d buy more of the MXDLs if the QC was good. Going by other comments it is a bit hit and miss.

I got 2 of the ones you posted as well as 2 clickies. I gave 1 clicky to my son (he loved it) & he lost it so I gave him the other one. I still have 2 twisties. Got them for $2 a piece from ledshoppe. The twistie is a little brighter then Eo1 (same tint). Nice lights. Mine have a black clip.


I bought 10 similar sized lights for only $ 1.85 US each on Ebay for stocking stuffers and gifts, all of them worked great. has the same side clip and twistie on-off, & Uses a AAA. here: